The Ghost Family

ghost horse

This chappie could be a very close relative

“Sharon could you please email me a family photo so I can put it up in our living room?”

“Yea, sure.” I said.

It seemed like a simple request. And nothing could go wrong. Right?

We all know that having white or cream walls can make a room look clean and fresh, and if some people wish to take things further by camouflaging white accessories against the same shade walls, that’s up to them.

My younger sister loves the glossy home-style magazines that weigh half a ton and are filled creative ideas to turn your pad into a trendy space. She has created a marvellous piece of originality by making a picture out of Lexicon letters that spells, β€˜Home’ and she comes up with fantastic ideas for Scrabble letters too. But her newly decorated lounge consists of things that are pure white against pure white.

It’s none of my business what she does with her own house and I accept that no two people have the same taste. I also understand that some people like a sterile, clinical look that reminds others they’ve an overdue check-up with the dentist.

So I’m not judging nor complaining.

Her new clock looks fab.

love it!

love it!


I was babysitting one evening on a dark windy night. As the howls grew louder, a door eerily creaked and as I looked up towards the noise, to my horror I spotted 3 ghouls grinning at me. On closer inspection it was evident that they were not folk who had died long ago, intent on haunting me till I screamed, but they were all very much alive and…

…one of them was me.

I was aghast.
Our beloved photograph has been turned from this:

To this:

fresh from the grave

fresh from the grave

As the gusty breeze blew through the gaps in the windows, I exclaimed to any apparitions that might be listening:

“My teeth!” Look at my teeth! She’s made them look goofy! Anwar’s head is vanishing into the hazy background and Sarah is positively disappearing!”

When she came home, there was no remorse on her part. I was promptly told we were transformed into black and white to match the er, white walls.

So as you can see, we three spooks are now officially the Ghost Family.

So go on, raise your glasses to chic design.

Toast modern living.

Here’s to Buckteeth Brenda,

Fading Fred,

and Pale Poppy.

Link: “Laughing At Myself”


11 thoughts on “The Ghost Family

  1. We have just been talking about exactly the same thing – the huge differences in terms of preference for the modern/ clinical approach to home decor – and the ‘cluttured so much that it makes us all feel like we live in the local refuse tip’ (that’s us – but hey – we are INTERESTING as a result of it πŸ˜‰

    But the photo thing… get you… you all look beautiful. Even if you look like handsome relics of the past or one of those ‘A Crime Never Solved! Where were you in 1951 when this loving family disappeared off the face of the earth?’


  2. I like both photos, but frankly, I too am partial to color. The minimalist look does not appeal to me at all. In fact, I take after my mother who has a love for nik-naks. A few years ago, our daughter showed up and looked around and said, “Mom, your house looks like a grandmothers’ house!” I said, “Well, that’s good then because I AM a grandmother!” End of subject. bwa ha ha ha!


    • Ha ha! But I LOVE minimalist and as I was saying to Chris, I hate clutter & too much colour too. I guess I feel most relaxed with moderation. But the old people thing I can understand – the houses end up cluttered with photos of grandchildren because many never see them enough. I’m sure I’d do the same thing if Sarah decides to escape to another part of the world. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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