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There are times when a group of people can come against an individual and like a small animal caught in the middle of a busy road, they have nowhere to run.

Bullying doesn’t just happen in the school playground, it occurs in the office, and the staff room, on the factory floor, in the garage, on the building site, the hospital ward, in the laboratory, out in the fields and maybe even way up high in an aeroplane or  while floating around on the Moon.

God has given us many words in the Psalms which identify with this massive, but subtle problem. Yes, subtle I say, because grown ups don’t like to admit that their behaviour is often worse than that of an infant.

The victim knows what is going on, but is unable to speak out, owing to cleverly devised torment, that unless it was happening to you, it is not obvious that there is anything brewing under the surface.

Weaker members of ‘the clan’ are cajoled ever so cunningly into signing that petition or making a formal complaint, joining in the argument or just simply saying nothing instead of sticking up for the innocent.

But the folks of old who wrote down their woes, did so with such poetry and prose that their Creator arranged for what was penned, to be collected into a book that is now called the bible – God’s love letter to us.

This love letter is often skimmed over by me in haste to do other things in life that are not as important. Many do the same. But when we are aware of a friend or loved-one going through hard times or when we are facing suffering ourselves, it is then that suddenly the Psalms become alive to us. The words break out of the pages and become living and active and powerful to break down the strongholds of our enemies. The word of God implants such peace in our hearts that it makes no sense other than the fact that our whole being has been affected by a miracle.

The miracle of God’s life breathing through every single word.

Here is Psalm 64 taken from the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible:

Oh God, listen to my complaint.
Protect my life from my enemies’ threats.
Hide me from the plots of this evil mob,
from this gang of wrongdoers.
They sharpen their tongues like swords
and aim their bitter words like arrows.
They shoot from ambush at the innocent,
attacking suddenly and fearlessly.
They encourage each other to do evil
and plan how to set their traps in secret.
“Who will ever notice?” they ask.
As they plot their crimes, they say,
“We have devised the perfect plan!”
Yes, the human heart and mind are cunning.
But God himself will shoot them with his arrows,
suddenly striking them down.
Their own tongues will ruin them,
and all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.
Then everyone will be afraid;
they will proclaim the mighty acts of God
and realize all the amazing things he does.
The godly will rejoice in the LORD
and find shelter in him.
And those who do what is right
will praise him.

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