There are so many fantastic writers to choose from, but as it is Father’s Day tomorrow, Gene’s article seemed the most apt to re-blog this week.

It’s entitled, Forty Pounds Of Trouble



Big Ed lived the words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Ed’s experiences growing up during the Great Depression had a lasting effect on him.

Born of a hard working Polish family they spent a great deal of time growing vegetables, (mostly cabbage) and raising chickens and rabbits. Tomatoes, green beans and barrels of sauerkraut would be put up for the winter months. The not-so-fortunate chickens and rabbits were predestined for Sunday dinners.

When the time came for Big Ed to raise his own family he brought that same self reliant approach along with him. Don’t buy what you can grow yourself.  Don’t throw away what you might be able use later. Everything was either repairable or good for parts to patch up something else. Ed believed that all things had a potential usefulness. After all, one can never have enough string, wood…

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