Pervert or Provider?

child sex trade

Weighing up the cost. What are our children worth?

The Head Mistress from Sarah’s school sent out a message to parents today to warn us that a man is trying to approach school girls in an indecent manner.

Tongues are wagging and extra vigilant parents are keeping a closer eye on their offspring as they enter the playground. Everyone is wanting to know the full story and those lucky enough to find out, are messaging their friends to update them immediately.

I was fortunate enough to bump into the mother of one of the girls who was involved and discovered that a man had cornered two ten year olds and told them he was going to show them his genitals. Being sick in the head, he used a word that the innocent kids had not even heard before. Thankfully they are fast runners and took off at top speed towards the house of their friend. This was no dark wood, but an area very near a cluster of houses. After chatting to my own daughter about it, I was suddenly struck by the horror of contrasts.

As a caring community and as loving parents who, compared to a large part of the world are ‘well off’ financially, it is obvious that our reactions would be mirrored by every other individual living in similar villages, towns and cities all round the world.

But while we are avidly taking measures to protect our girls and boys from evil or insane men who want to expose themselves and worse, other mothers are actively sending their 7 yr olds out to truck drivers to be used as sex toys.

In exchange for their daughters’  under-developed bodies, they are receiving a meagre helping of their currency so they can feed their families tomorrow.

I have no intention of being crude, but sometimes we need to be faced with the reality of how shocking a situation is.

The mother would argue that prostituting her four year old puts food on the table, forgetting that after what’s been done to her and what she’s been made to do, she has no appetite at all.

We’ve all heard it before and know of the regions that own the most culprits: Central South America, Brazil, India, Indonesia, North East Africa, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia. But the USA & Canada are reported to have some of the highest numbers of juvenile prostitutes…

…so no doubt this is going on in the U.K. at an alarming rate too.

Here we are in our civilised ‘safe’ corner, getting agitated at the thought of a local prowler, while others are staring out the window waiting for a sweaty, heavy man to come and violate their own flesh and blood and no-one is thinking any thing of it.

Neighbours turn a blind eye. So does the dad. So does the police.

But God does not and this has got to stop. He won’t allow us to be comfortable any longer while this atrocity continues to happen second after second in lands and areas not so far from where we live.


child sex trade

Weighing up the cost. What are our children worth?

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16 thoughts on “Pervert or Provider?

  1. Thank you for raising this topic- which is very uncomfortable for most to discuss. It is sickening. God does NOT condone the ridiculous human err in reasoning. That term “evil begets evil” comes to mind. The children are scarred horribly for life and more evil is abounded. So, thank you for bringing light to this disgusting evil. I have an 11 year old daughter. Personally, my experiences with sexual abuse (not from my family) has been horribly difficult to face- I can’t even imagine what these girls (and boys, in some cases) have to overcome. May God’s Children be blessed with wisdom!


    • Thank you for your kind words Greta. I am so sorry that you have been victim to this horrendous crime too. People do not realise how much this can wreck a life forever, whether it’s an ongoing abuse or a two minute incident. Thank you for having the courage to speak out. A voice attacks this enemy as it can’t remain covered up when people are talking. I pray you will have the strength to get through all the memories and emotions and that you will be blessed by seeing how many other people you have helped, just by refusing to be silent. xx


      • Hi Sharon! I have to clarify:) thankfully I’ve not been victim to human trafficking- just other forms which are very slight compared to that. Not to down play abuse- I really back your prayers with my own for the crime of selling out children. Like you, I refuse to be silent! God BLESS you!


      • Thanks Greta. I didn’t misunderstand. All abuse is a crime so that’s what I meant. It is so easy for victims to brush things away as ‘acceptable’ after hearing about someone else who has gone through worse. But I care about what happened to you just as much / more importantly, God cares and to him, even if it was just one incident, it is a crime against you, children and his heart. Thank you for your encouraging words. I shall lift you up in prayer before our loving daddy. I thank him for introducing us and I look forward to getting to know you better. Have a blessed day xx

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      • Oh Cat, it’s awful. Much worse than you think…babies are abused too. I know it’s hard to get our heads round this and the thought of what injuries they must sustain makes one want to scream uncontrollably. This is why people find it hard to get involved – the pain of the grim reality can be too much, so we’d rather pretend it doesn’t exist. Thank you for your support and concern x


      • I heard something on TV last night about a little girl being sexually abused from the age of 3 to 6yrs old. That was in the US. Detectives in the UK stumbled across the movies of her abuse on a perverts laptop. The little girl was rescued and is now 10yrs old and living with loving foster parents. God help the ones who go undetected

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  2. I just viewed the comments from this post. Its certainly got the conversation going!



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