The Worst Thing About Blogging…

spectacles_glasses_198429 when people miss the point.

We know what emotions we are trying to stir up and what conclusions we are aiming to draw.

But occasionally, somebody completely misses the entire gist of our ramblings.

Does it hit our pride? Yes, probably.

Does it make us realise we are not such good communicators as we thought? Umm hummm, yep.

We are all different and I realise that I need to accept that sometimes, one individual just won’t ‘get it’.

There I am boasting about God and his goodness, yet strangely giving the impression that I am beating my own drum, singing my own tune, bigging up myself.


I apologise to any who may have thought this in the recent past.

So I would like to take the time to state emphatically right now, that there is no good in me. Any grace, love and positive attribute comes from Jesus working in me and I have no intention of bragging about any good deed of mine. Left up to me, I’d be horrible.

Thankfully, my Lord steps in and helps me to be like him and thankfully sometimes I get it right.

But that’s no boasting on my part.


5 thoughts on “The Worst Thing About Blogging…

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