Imagine a place where you felt at peace all of the time.

Somewhere where your body had no pain or stiff joints. You could walk and walk and walk and never tire, never need to sit down or pause for breath and a rest. You could climb hills without that acid hitting your legs, making you clutch your knees and bend. You could run down mountains in bare feet and never fall.

Beautiful sounds everywhere. No arguing, no road-works, no cats fighting.

Warm breezes coating your arms, preventing goose bumps and sunburn – the perfect temperature for you.

Lions, cheetahs, pumas, tigers, jaguars, panthers all rolling about happily with baby lambs and gazelles. No teeth sinking into necks to draw blood and suck out life.

Grass so green that it appears to have been painted with the most expensive gloss.
As you stroll down the emerald path, there’s no need to look out for dog poo. You can wander along with your head held high knowing your feet will not end up covered in muck, mud, a squashed snail or worm entrails.

Music is everywhere, even in the trees. It’s like they are praising God as every leaf moves.

You feel so loved. You are accepted by everybody. Each smile received is not covered with a film of hypocrisy. The people here really do like you, love you, welcome the entirety of who you are. You don’t have to put on airs to impress anyone, nor is there a need to guard your words in case you are taken the wrong way.

There’s no distrust, no guarding your heart, no building walls and barriers to protect yourself from being hurt.

Older women don’t look at you with scorn or judge your energy as immaturity, for when you dance, they dance with you. They giggle and laugh and their garments can fly high without the risk of immodesty.

Older men come up and hug you, squeeze you, tousle your hair, throw you in the air. It’s safe, there’s no perversion when they spin the young girls around and when they take up children to sit on their lap.

In the same way, men are lying on the grass with men. Heads on laps and arms round shoulders, but it’s pure. Relationships are right. No homosexuality, no fear of being misunderstood. Men don’t desire the affection of men in that way because they are emotionally healed and secure in who they are. No need to prove our worth to daddy, our macho-ness. No fear of women or desperate longing to feel loved by a father. For he is here, cherishing each one of us.

We don’t need to vie for anyone’s attention and family feels like family. There are no feuds or spats and certainly no selfishness. “What’s mine is yours.” is the motto and you’re treated with respect.

Nobody is jealous of you and secretly gloating if they have more than you. Not that it matters as you have all you need. You are not envious of anyone either because your bountiful supply includes an abundance of love.

Animals race round your legs and make the happy noises God gave them. No risk of bites, fleas, rabies or asthma.

How great it is to walk into the throne room of God to praise him and the person you go to sit next to, gives you a genuine hug! People are embracing everywhere. Christian girls look like Christians. No skirts are riding halfway up the thigh, and there’s no material wrapping round the body so tight that you can see every bump and curve. Breasts are hidden and pride is nowhere to be seen.

There are no chairs left in between people because of agoraphobia, obsession for own space, fear of smelling body odour & bad breath, fear someone will notice your wrinkle or acne, or because you don’t like children. No bibles, coats or hymnbooks separate you, for there’s no need to pretend you need an extra seat. And no-one’s hiding at the back for a quick escape.

We are close, secure, happy and very much in love with each other. Ladies sit with arms round each other’s waists as the songs rise into the air. They turn to kiss on the cheek, and look into each other’s eyes, so close, their noses are touching, but they are not Lesbians. They are sisters, daughters of the king and love flows out of the pore of each person in the room.

Jesus enters and we all bow down. He is gorgeous, youthful, manly, and fatherly all at the same time. It’s like he’s looking at everyone individually, pouring his devotion and compassion into your soul. His eyes are like giant pools of love and it’s if you are the only one in the room. He is in love with you and your heart stirs as your eyes fix upon his gaze. Women do not feel he fancies them nor do men feel he is odd, for here is perfection. Perfect love that casts out all fear. He is the only one with scars. The holes in his palms seem as big as a grapefruit but he’s happy he let that happen so that you could be here with him forever. No-one is going to ever harm you again, neither physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally.
No medication is needed ever again, no sleeping tablets or cigarettes to calm you. No bandages or plasters for your finger and heart.

Don’t you just long to be there forever? Don’t you want the peace in your heart that assures you if you were in a fatal accident today, that’s where you’ll go? Are you holding on too tightly to Earth that you are throwing away your chance of this Paradise? Are you holding onto hurts, pride, disbelief, and your own notions?

I really want to be there right now, but when I’m dancing in the summer breeze, more than anything, I want to turn round and see you there too.