the mouth

My mouth has got me into a lot of trouble in the past.

Not so much with gossip or criticism, more so with defensiveness, trying to fight my case or being so relaxed with my company that I’m flippant and loud.

I hate being in a room with some silly Sanguine who always wants to have the final witty comment, yet in the company of Melancholics, I can be just as annoying.

Amongst stroppy Cholerics, I tend to go into my shell but I am guilty of biting the heads off family members as if I were the same person I try to avoid.

I don’t want to be mouthy or cantankerous, hormonal, or intolerant. Neither do I want to be the class joker.

Bolshie people intimidate me but I can be like that myself,

especially if I’m on the phone to a company who won’t listen and are being daft.

My husband is great with annoying sales people though. They can put him on hold twenty times and he’ll still be calm and nice.

However, after being car-less for two years, I find I am a much more patient driver.
Cut me up, umm, okay. I’ll even give way when the obstruction is not on my side.

So it’s my mouth that still needs training.

I got mad the other day when I pulled out of a side road and my passenger, Anwar, looked behind him – he always does that at that spot! “Well your wheel is on the pavement! If you did that in a test, you’d fail!”

All attempts of placidity went out the air vent as I let out sentences supporting my positioning, claiming that the road is so narrow if I drove straight, I’d crash into the cars on the other side and there are no pedestrians on that corner anyway and it must only be an inch of the wheel and and and and…!”

I need to be quiet. I need to work on humility. Like, all night.

I am working on applying these two:

“A wise person does what he is told, but a talkative fool will be ruined.” Proverbs 10:8

“A foolish person quickly shows that he is upset but a wise person ignores an insult.” Proverbs 12:16

There’s more Proverbs that keep my tongue in check, but I’m on a mission to keep my blogs short. So that will have to do for now.

Keep Me Silent

When my heart has strayed from Jesus,
And my mind needs scrubbing clean,
I grieve the one who made my tongue,
By saying things that I don’t mean.
My mouth is a gift from God,
To spread his love around,
But does all that I say each night and day,
Land upon his holy ground?
Oh Lord, keep me silent,
If something that I shall say,
Is going to hurt some precious life,
Or hinder them in some way.
Keep me silent Lord,
When my heart is not true,
So I do not prevent some precious soul
To try their best for you.
Oh Lord keep me silent,
Until my thoughts are clean and wise,
So all that I shall say and do,
Will be pleasing in your eyes.
The art of thinking
Before I speak,
Can be a challenge
And quite a technique.
Control my tongue,
Make it subdue.
I want my words
To be measured and few
I may use stylish language,
Or speak out loud and clear,
But that’s no use if what I say,
Isn’t what you want to hear.
Help me not to be a ‘friend of Job’
Advising while there’s a plank in my eye,
Being verbose and very unwise,
When I should sympathise and cry.
I’d rather intercede with tears,
For someone who needs grace,
Than to use my mouth to speak wrong words
That are received like a slap in the face
I’d rather send up prayers,
And leave you to do the rest.
Than to say a word that acts just like,
A knife going through the chest.

So please, please guard my tongue,
So I don’t put you to shame,
When I open up this mouth of mine,
Let me glorify your name.

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