father and son

My WP friend Cat, was recently talking about father-son relationships and the horrendous effect it has when it all goes wrong. Deliberately wrong. Evil dad, traumatised boy.

I then found by chance, a 2 min Francis Chan video clip about the similarity between earthly fathers and God; when things go right and the dramatic difference when they don’t.

This morning in church, I was near the back and watched with wonder, all the grandads and fathers who happily let their offspring climb all over their heads, swing off their coats and dribble down their backs.

I was moved at how much unconditional love was flowing and yet God loves us so much more than the collective compassion of these men.

Yet so many times we let circumstances and wrong voices cloud our judgement and we go about our lives acting like God isn’t even there. We mess up and think he won’t want to talk to us anymore. Yet I saw a young lad clobber his granddad on the head with his toy truck. Deliberately.

A baby girl posseted (that’s vomit to you and me) all over her dad’s clean shirt. He just took her to the toilet to clean her up and stuck his shoulder under the blow dryer.

An older lad who is full of energy, freed himself from his father’s arms and ran to the front. He was after the drum kit but with 10 steps to climb, was quickly caught. Yes, he was scolded, but he wasn’t left in the middle of the room to find his own way back to his seat. And yes, he had dinner later and received cuddle.

Friends, let’s remember again that, if we non-abusive parents who are still evil compared to God, know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will our heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him? (Matthew 7:11 italics mine)

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