…and here’s another one. Cat is another survivor/overcomer who I admire greatly. It seems apt to re-blog this as I have just posted my re-blog from Phoenix. Different people, different years, different towns, different circumstances. Same pain, same trauma, same evil. Like my previous request, please, please pray for Cat too. Cat is such a lovely, warm, person who has to live with these terrible memories. Child abuse must be exposed, not hidden or ignored. It has to stop.

My Travels with Depression

The extraordinary events on that hot summer’s day only transpired because my carth (7) was in the repair shop. Instead of driving to the seaside, I wander through our local park.

He appears out of nowhere, our eyes meet for the first time in twenty years. I had only just been talking to a colleague about him days earlier. She works in Child Protection. “But, Cat,” She said, “that is sexual abuse.”

I offer him a couple of clues to who I am and within seconds, Simon utters my name in disbelief. He laughs, “You’re the image of your Dad.” We shake hands and hug with incredible warmth, but our happiness soon merges with memories of something quite different… the secret.

We grew up around deprivation in the 1960’s, the freedom to play and roam made up for everyday hardships. Parents presumed their children were safe outdoors, but their trust only…

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