i have a song

She went in for a routine operation, but when the doctors opened her up, they stood speechless. All they could do was stare with their mouths open. An assistant dropped a shiny silver instrument as both eyes flooded with tears. For, this patient who was seemingly well, had a liver riddled with cancerous tumours.

Her body was closed up quickly and the senior surgeon started to prepare a speech in his head. How do you tell someone who doesn’t know they are ill that their body is being eaten alive by monsters that will kill them within a few months?

After the news was broken, she spent a few days by herself then decided to confide in a few close friends. One lady took her aside and prayed for her. She had  faith in a God who can heal and her words were flavoured with bible verses and encouraging quotes.

The lady thanked her intercessor for her heartfelt support but graciously informed her that it is okay. “I am at peace.”

She believed in healing herself but felt a deep conviction in her spirit that this was ‘her time’. Having walked with God for many years, she knew he loved her and would not let her suffer unduly. And she knew that when her body could not take anymore, he would give her that one last breath then receive her into his arms.

Looking at her today, you would struggle to believe that she was old enough to have a son in his mid-thirties, as she looks no more than 45 herself. But on top of that, despite the fact that doctors have now suggested palliative care in a hospice, she does not even look ill. A smile radiates from her face and her speech is the usual warm, eloquence of a woman who is in love with her Creator, knows him as her Father and has accepted his son as her Saviour.

When asked by people around her, why she is so calm and at peace when she is racked with pain and being robbed of her life, she simply replies that death is not the thing she fears most. In fact,  she does not fear it at all. She fears leaving behind people who may grow bitter with God and reject him, rendering them an eternity in a very different place she is destined for.

People don’t like to face the inevitable, so the subject is quickly changed. So tell me, “Why are you looking so good and acting so calm?” The question this time, is more of a demand. She turns her head and simply replies:

“Because… I have a song.”