Grocery Grabber

Gosh, I’ve so over-spent on the shopping, it’s embarrassing. What was I thinking of? Even the checkout lad was looking at me as if to say, “It’s not Christmas you know love. You’ve got another 11 months.”

Are we having people over to stay? Has the Territorial Army asked us to accommodate them?

Then why have I gone mad and spent so much?

My husband’s right (as usual) I should do the shopping online so I know what I’m spending.

I had brought along 5 large empty bags, which were to be filled, put in the trolley, then my purchases would be wheeled out to my car, where I would lift out the bags and place them into the boot.

But by the time my items had all gone through the checkout, you couldn’t even tell there were any kind of carrying implements underneath.

Like most shoppers, I usually carefully place the bread, and soft fruit on the top and I separate the raw meat from things like cake & biscuits. I started off doing as such, but I soon realised I was running out of space and there was another two metre long line of shopping on the conveyor belt. The woman behind me was having nothing to do with my folly and refused to move the plastic divider to claim my extras as her own.

Potatoes and tins of soup ended up lying on top of tomatoes & crisps and items were now being thrown into the trolley with the hope they wouldn’t fall out the other side. A packet of ham and a chocolate bar got squeezed through the trolley holes by a fat spatchcocked chicken and they landed at my feet.

hams escaping


The next task was to not look shocked when I was told the total. I calmly got out my purse and told the guy that I’d gone over my budget a little. At this point, I think he wished he lived with me, as a rather hungry grimace appeared on his slim, student, desperate-for-cash-n-home cooking, face.

I paid my bill and made a quick exit. I don’t often care what people are thinking about me, but as I normally struggle to steer empty trolleys at the best of times, it was evident that I was practising for ‘Supermarket Sweep’. So people glared at me for two reasons:

1. There were those who knew it was best to stay out my way unless they wanted their trolley to make contact with mine accompanied by a loud bang.

2. I was looking like a good contender for the show, so just incase I became the famous contestant winner of all time, they thought it best to scruntinize me well.

My car has a good space in the back, but not today. I had to shove two bags onto the back seat.

bursting at the seams



I drove home wondering how much extra fuel this drive would burn and how, a family of three skinny folk could need so much grub.

However, I tried to assure myself I was saving money ultimately, as I would not need to shop again for another three months, or so it seemed.

back seat

But isn’t it annoying when you get home and realise that despite your large bill, you’ve forgotten something vital?

After unpacking onto the kitchen work surfaces, I looked around the cluttered kitchen for a rectangular cardboard box.


I could not find a suitable bible verse to match the chastisement I needed, so I made up one of my own. I’m sure in this case, God won’t mind. It simply says,

“Thou shalt not be greedy.”