christmas shoes

I wasn’t going to do another blog about Christmas, but I have just found the song from one of my favourite Christmas films.

I like to think that a festive movie, no matter how cheesy, should make you either laugh or cry.

This one is a weepy, but if you haven’t ever seen it, there’s no need for me to explain it, as the song below does that so beautifully.

In Christmas Shoes, Rob Lowe is the perfect, uptight, young business man with more selfish ambition than the candidates of The Apprentice and he is angry that colleagues and family are standing in the way of his climbing up the corporate ladder.

On the other side of the story, there is a cute little boy who is devastated because his pretty mum is dying of heart faliure.

Yea, I know, I said there was no need to explain the plot.

Simply put, this film is a reminder that not everyone is going to be happy at Christmas.
Some people will be extremely sad, lonely, brokenhearted and downright depressed.

Life still goes on.

God never promised us an easy time just because we love Jesus

  • That disrespectful child still needs scolding even though their favourite show is just about to start.
  • The utility company still need paying for the electricity you have used.
  • The kidney patient still needs to make that long journey to the hospital for dialysis.
  • The cancer sufferer needs to continue with their medication on Christmas morning even though they know it will mean they will be vomiting up their turkey and stuffing in the afternoon.
  • The rejected wife has to face the fact that her unfaithful husband will be warming another woman’s bed that night.
  • The loving dad has to eat breakfast alone knowing that some arrogant surrogate father is watching his 3 beloved children open their presents and laugh with delight.
  • The dying elderly are in a noisy ward being forced to consume tepid food that tastes inedible and there are no seconds, no tipple, no big boxes of chocolates, no grandchildren.

But God sent Jesus as a present to us so that in the hard times, will will have help, comfort and hope. Please don’t spend another year without him walking by your side. He came to show you what life’s all about.

Enjoy the song and if you get chance, watch the film on YouTube then buy it, for it is great to cry at Christmastime.

It reminds us that some people do that every day.