As we approach the end of the year, we often look back with a tinge of sadness over the relationships that have failed. We also think of the money we did not manage to save and for some, the job that we are still stuck in. There were hopes and dreams that lay unfulfilled and the future feels uncertain.

But it’s the relationships that affect us the most. Some will have got divorced, others separated. Others are together, but their union has been destroyed through unfaithfulness. Even now, wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends are wondering if their partner will be getting a bit too tipsy at the work’s do and stealing a kiss from a nicely dressed colleague.

Arguments occurred in families and now the mother is left with no carer. Strangers come and tend to parts that only close relations should see.

Son in laws, ambitious to get on in their career and eager to ‘make a better life’ for his children’ announced they were taking the daughter and beloved grandchildren, far far west, up north, down south, many miles abroad.

Long lost friends were found on Facebook and Twitter and excitement grew when the message came into your inbox telling you your friend request has been accepted or your giggling partner of the past is now following you.

A few emails were exchanged but it soon became evident that your pal is more interested in posting pictures of their expensive holiday than catching up with you. They have changed, pre-occupied with their busy life. You no longer make them laugh and even and your companion of the past seems like a stranger in the present. Sound familiar? For some, not so, as It takes much emotion to ponder on the truth; but there are those of you more readily honest with yourselves who identified with this immediately.

And lastly, there are the bereavements. Many have lost loved ones and some were taken so suddenly there was no chance to say goodbye. You can’t even remember your last conversation and it rips you to shreds. For others, Christmas is a reminder of loved ones who departed round about this time, or this season simply makes you pine to have them back in your lives.

There’s a void. Much pain has been pushed down deep because it hurts to much to confront it head on.

Dear friends, here is a prayer for you to say in your heart whether you believe in God or not, whether you are mad at him or not, whether you feel let down by him or not.

Even where there are parts of the prayer that are totally inapplicable to you, it will make you feel a whole lot better.

Life is tough, sometimes, almost unbearable. I pray you will feel his peace upon you as you take up the challenge to read this to God, from the heart.


Thank you Dear God that you do not change. The way you feel about me today is as passionate and compassionate as it’s always been and that makes me feel so secure.

But father, there have been people in my life who promised to walk with me who are no longer around. Friends and relations who I imagined I would grow old with me, have drifted away.

My expectations and dreams have been shattered leaving me feeling very sad.

Thank you for staying with me during the hard times. It means so much to know you’ll always be there. You are dependable, loyal and always approachable. I’m so glad that your response to me doesn’t depend on your mood.

Help me to feel your presence stronger, more tangibly and forgive me for when I’ve neglected spending good quality time with you.

Thank you for listening to me and for understanding how rejected and lonely I feel. You don’t judge me nor laugh at me. Nothing that I say is treated with contempt, even when I ramble on and on.

I love you for who you are. Pure, spotless, holy, unriveled, unmatched, all powerful, all knowledge. Yet in your great wisdom you don’t look down on me because of my weaknesses. You created the whole universe yet you know me intimately and still choose to be my friend. You owe me nothing – I don’t deserve anything from you, yet you offer me your total commitment and love.

Thank you dear father. I know I can get through another day if you’re by my side. Thank you for promising to never leave me. As your eyes look down at me, there is one thing I ask of you today. Please never blink. For in that quick moment that your eyes close, I dread to think what could happen to me and what foolishness I am capable of doing. Please keep your eyes on me all the time, for I need you so very much.

Thank you father, daddy, my almighty God, and precious Saviour.

I love you. Please infuse that vacant space in my heart with the knowledge of your presence.