What? It could have been a satsuma.
What? It could have been a satsuma.


Agh! Why is life so hard? In these moments, I often joke with my husband that Eve will have a long queue of people waiting to ‘have words’ with her when we get to Heaven.

Seriously though, I am wondering this morning if I have ever actually forgiven her in my heart. What I mean is, have I ever acknowledged that if I was in her shoes, I would have done the same thing? In fact, if that fruit tasted anything like a Persimmon, I would have eaten the whole tree, shrubs, conifers and the lawn.

So, maybe there’s a part of me deep down inside that is resenting my oldest relative. Maybe I even make excuses for my sin? “Well it’s her fault. If she hadn’t been so weak and fallen for that stupid trick and grabbed that bloomin fruit, life would have been a lot better for me!”

Now I know this might seem a little off-balanced and not so spiritually sound, but I felt it important to make sure my heart was right in this area. When God said to forgive, he meant everybody, no matter if they were dead or alive, and I don’t want any lingering resentment inside me, even if it relates to some long-haired naked lady hiding behind a bush, who’s long since given up the ghost.

It doesn’t really matter who the first sinner was. Just like we can’t prove that we would have accepted Jesus if he lived in our lifetime, we can’t prove that we wouldn’t have been the cause of the fall of mankind.

So I’m going to be gracious in my thoughts towards this ancient grandmother. I know I would have succumbed to the charms of the serpent – I like apples and melons and everything sweet and juicy.

My dear friend Jackie has just shared this verse with me:

“Shake yourself from the dust, rise up…free yourself from the rope around your neck (some versions say, ‘from the chains on your neck’) Isa 52:2

We were pondering, what are these chains? Maybe one of them is blame. Do we blame others for the mess we are in? Are we secretly mad at God for not saying ‘yes’ to what we believe we really need? Of course bad situations are not always our fault, but I felt that this was my own personal challenge: who am I blaming for my circumstances?

I want to be free so I can help release others.

These chains hurt and the rope’s cutting into my skin.

So I declare that if I am lacking, it is either because:

1. I am too lazy to get out of my bed and praise God for his goodness.

2. I am too ungrateful for what I have already got.

3. I am too blind to see that the enemy is standing in my way and too lazy to get him to shift.

4. I am too impatient to see that I have everything I need right now and the rest will come when God is ready to give it.

5. I have too much selfish-ambition and should just be content with what I have got.

6. I have too much apathy towards remaining in God’s presence.

7. I have too much complacency towards barriers that need to be broken down / mountains that need to be told to move.

8. I am not fully dressed for battle, so my shield of faith and sword of the spirit is lying somewhere between my bedside drawers and mattress – so like I stated earlier, I’m too lazy to bend down, pick it up, and read.

9. Similarly to no. 8, I am starving myself of food (God’s word) so I’m too weak to eat, gain strength and see my situation through God’s eyes instead of my own.

10. I am too distracted by earthly things to realise the importance of spending time with God to hear his voice and know what his will is for my life.

Never mind the ‘off goes the tv’; that’s not much of a hindrance these days, because there’s mostly rubbish on it anyway. It’s, out goes the iphone, get off Pinterest, Facebook, WordPress (yes, even you sweetie) YouTube, Piano Tiles… and get your bottom into bed early enough at night and out of bed early enough in the morning to change all of the above.

I know what to do, and so do you, so come on, let’s do it!