Chalk ‘N’ Cheese

chaln n cheese


She was a bit like Mma Makutsi from ‘The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency’. You know, the skinny secretary who clomps about in heels too high for her gait. Serious, uptight, frumpy blouses, large spectacles, super-spiritual, scorning all things worldly, but loyal, sensitive and a tad naive.

He was a thug. Doing things with his mates that we tut about when we hear it on the news. Habitually drunk, obsessed with his hair, drugged up to his eyeballs, driving at 100 mph on his motorbike in a built up area. He tampered with his cherished transport so that the exhaust was so loud, it woke up the neighbours 3 streets away.

If she had seen him then, she would have turned away in disgust. So would he, if he had spotted her hair, glasses, attitude and clothes.

She would have wanted to talk about Amy Grant, he would have wanted to discuss how they could get stoned.

She was avoiding nightclubs and ‘all things of the devil.’ Tip tapping away poetry on her typewriter that sounded like a generator supplying energy to a block of flats. He was enjoying the Sex Pistols, police cells and Cannabis.

But he and she changed…considerably. He sobered up, she calmed down.

He realised his need for a Saviour and she realised she needed to be gracious.

It was their wedding anniversary yesterday and they celebrated 12 great years.

Anwar and I still marvel at how God brought us together. He knows what he is doing even if no-one else does. And his timing is perfect.


He has made all things beautiful in his time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


8 thoughts on “Chalk ‘N’ Cheese

  1. I loved this Sharon. You two sound a lot like Steve and I used to be. Funny how it all comes together, isn’t it? By the way, do I have your blessing to re-blog you? I would like to share one of your posts with my darling 27 followers. 🙂 It is my Christmas gift to them this year, sharing the blogs which I enjoy so much.


      • Sharon, you have a precious heart. I want you to know that I see your wisdom and insight, and I value everything you share on your blogs as well. It is good to be able to use our gifts like this, isn’t it? Thank you for allowing me to reblog from you. I will likely do so on Thursday, as I will be out tomorrow. Thank you!


  2. Thank you Sharon. You guys are so – real!

    I am at Uni, worrying about my family and worrying about how I am going to find the time to get this work done alongside my church commitments and simply feeling overwhelmed by it all. I needed a word from the Lord – which I have now received. This makes me realise that I do not have to worry at all. God does know what he is doing. Thank you for my light bite. I give thanks and praise to him who knows where all the pieces of my life will fit in.

    Much love. Jx


    • Oh Jenn, this has touched me so much! I’m sorry about all the overwhelming commitments. But I’m glad to know that God could use silly ole me to help encourage you in some way. Yes, you are right – the pieces do fit somewhere and very snugly indeed. Blessings to you x


      • I am going to cry in a minute. I want to but I have got a lecture to go to – so I don’t have time. Thank you so much and sending you a big hug. I think I shall praise the Lord instead. Thank you and sending big hug to you and enjoy the rest of the day. (By the way snug is one of my favourite words – ever) Jxxxxxx


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