...then I remembered. It’s the bridesmaid with the unfortunate fringe (USA = Bangs).

That's the best close-up I can do, but you get the picture.
That’s the best close-up I can do, but you get the picture.


It reminded me of how, in our childhood, we have to endure many visual embarrassments such as:

1. Wearing shoes that make us feel like a baby. (Or a boy, in my case)

2. Having spit smeared across our cheek from a well-meaning auntie who doesn’t want people to think you’re her child, especially when you’re covered in marmalade.

3. Being made to wear a cardigan 3 sizes too small because your paranoid grandmother thinks 10 year olds who show their arms are smutty. (I still feel dreadfully sorry for my poor older sister)

4. Having hundreds of plastic beads strapped to the end of your plaits (USA = braids) that smack you in the face each time you run. (Thankfully I escaped this one as I refused to look too ethnic)

5. Having Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) and lanolin rubbed into your scalp and hair, so that whenever you got a little too warm, it shined away like  a hot cross bun had landed in the wrong place. (I did not escape this one)


and finally…like that poor wee lassie in the photo: 6. Having a treacle pudding bowl clamped upside down on your head while your mother uses blunt  scissors to snip away those bangs. She tells you it’s for your own good because having hair in your eyes will turn you blind and anyway, “It’s your fault it’s crooked because you didn’t stand still.”

Darling, sweet innocent children can’t fend for themselves. They rely on us adults to help them and have to endure the decisions we make, even the fashion faux pas.

While most parental foibles occur with good intentions, it does touch our hearts when we consider that children are affected by everything we do, good or bad. We have the awesome responsibility to get it right, so that they grow into mature, secure, contented adults who, when looking back at childhood photos, have just one emotion – joy. And one reaction – laughter.

(P.S. Have you got a great No. 7 to add to my list?)

Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord Psalm 127:3

Fathers, do not embitter your children or they will become discouraged. Colossians 3:21


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