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Go keeps it simple so all can understand. It is us who complicate things.
God keeps it simple so all can understand. It is us who complicate things.

A Second Chance (or your 10,000th)

It has occurred to me that we Christians can spend much time harping on about God and sins and forgiveness and Heaven, but fail to show those desperate for change, how they can accept God into their heart and begin a proper relationship with him.

Commonly known as ‘The Sinner’s Prayer’ –  below is a prayer you can pray to God

If you pray this prayer and mean it in your heart, God will hear you. He will run to you.



Dear God,

I am sorry for the wrong things I have done in my life, which you call sin.

I acknowledge that I was born a sinner, which means that it’s in my nature to do things that displease you. I know that this includes the deepest thoughts and attitudes of my heart and the real motives behind everything I do. I choose to turn away from everything I know to be wrong.

Please forgive me for those sins and especially for the sin of keeping you out of my life.

Even though you love me, I know that because you are a God of justice and holiness , if I die without having my sins forgiven, I will spend eternity without you, in a terrible place called Hell.

I acknowledge that I need you and I want you in my life.

I believe that Jesus Christ is your son and that he died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. I believe he rose again and is the living power that can take the Devil’s hold off my life. Please come into my life now and touch my heart with your forgiveness and love. I want to have a relationship with and get to know you more. My very being was created for this purpose and without you, my hunger for peace and happiness will never be satisfied.

I give you my life now. Please lead me to people who will help me become a good strong Christian and who will show me how to relate to the things of God. Help me to find a Bible that suits my understanding and a church that I can call home. A church who are not religious, (doing things out of ritual and obligation, but having no true revelation of who Jesus is) but one who really know how to live a victorious Christian life.

Thank you Lord. I believe by faith now that you have answered my prayer. I believe that no matter how bad I may feel about myself in the future, you have forgiven me and saved me from my sins. I also believe that I cannot just be complacent about my salvation but I must endeavour to live a sinless life, coming to you daily to repent and reading your word daily to keep myself in check. I can do this with your help and I am grateful for your love. Thank you. Amen.

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