Something Pretty

please check the seller's link for a clearer image

please check the seller’s link for a clearer image

To Have And To Hold

I wanted a special card for my two friends, Richard & Laura, who were getting married in August.

Being a lover of handmade crafts and knowing that Laura was expecting me to whip something up with a bit of glitter and glue, the pressure was on.


In fact, it was made all the more difficult by the fact that Laura simply detests handmade cards. Maybe she’s keen to spot the fray in the ribbon or clump of PVC seeping through the topper, the misaligned card blank, or a piece of backing paper that’s not been cut straight, but whatever her reason, ‘shop bought’ is usually her preference.

Secret Tampering

Of course, being the tease that I am, coupled with the fact that I simply can’t leave a bland looking greeting card alone, I always tart-up her birthday cards in some way then get her to guess what I’ve done.


This proves to be quite hilarious, as she often gives me credit for what was designed by the manufacturers. I normally only add a splash of iridescent glitter, Liquid Pearls or Glossy Accents to the front. But one year she reeled off a whole load of suspected tampering which included somehow embossing the sweet little mouse. Embossing? The card had no obvious decoupaged bits that I could have surreptitously removed and replaced.

I thanked her for the compliment then owned up to my obsession with Glossy Accents, which was delicately spread across the nose of a bear to make it look shiny.

Good Ole Ebay

So, many months before the big day, I scanned Ebay for something a little bit more unique than the usual personalised wedding card decorated on the front with the name of couple and date of marriage.

Sheer Beauty!

To my delight, I found it! A lovely lady makes personalised wedding cards using the surname, to make it more special, especially for the bride who’s not yet been called by her new name much. In big glittery letters, we had ‘Mr & Mrs Charnley’ complimented by a large white satin bow underneath.

Have A Look

These are made by 9370hayley, and here’s how to find her cards:
On the Ebay Homepage, to the right of the blue ‘Search’ button it says ‘Advanced’. Click on that which will take you to another page. On the left hand side, click o:
‘By seller’, then enter her sellers User ID which in this case is, 9370hayley.

No Ulterior Motives Here

(Please note I have not been commissioned and I do not even know this seller – I’m just reviewing a great product and sharing it with you)


Oh, and I’m pleased to say that Richard and Laura loved the card and Laura especially was delighted to see her new surname glittering seductively when she pulled it from the envelope.


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