me as a toddlerBoth my palms are empty,
There’s nothing in my hand.
You have turned your back on me,
And I can understand.
I’ve let you down I think,
I am only guessing,
But it seems that you are angry,
And have withheld your blessing.

I cannot see up there,
But I guess your back is turned.
I’ve caused your eyes to look away,
For the lessons I’ve not learned.
I stand here wretched,
It’s your mercy I am needing,
But it’s far from my presence,
And my wounded heart is bleeding.

I’ve nothing in my hand,
Foolishness instead of skill.
But I’m desperate for your touch,
And I only want your will.
With nothing in my hand,
I stand here in shame,
Knowing it’s audacity,
To even call your name.

But despite the gulf between us,
The eyes that look elsewhere,
I’m too poor to be offended,
I have no strength to care.
So I will sing to you,
As long as I shall live,
And while I worship you my Lord,
I hope you will forgive.

I’ve nothing in my hand,
No wisdom in my head,
Nothing in my purse,
No sleep when I’m in bed.
But there’s a song in my heart,
Despite wanting to die,
So I’ll rise above my feelings,
Knowing that you’ll pass by.

(By the way, if you hadn’t guessed, that’s me as a wee lass of 18 months old)