The Human Packhorse

Hey ho, away we go...

Hey ho, away we go…

Well, if I was an attention seeker, this morning I would have had a heyday.

Packhorse definition:
A horse, mule, donkey or pony used to carry loads.

We have a flat that we rent out to tenants and being near the university, the lets we get are usually more short-term. This results in the carpet needing to be cleaned often.

At the moment, it is clean but being a beige colour, stained in places. We could replace the carpet every few years or purchase large rugs to cover the discoloured area, but that would be costly, especially as we often have void periods where we are re-touching all the rooms with paint and cleaning thoroughly after the last tenant has moved out.

My parents kindly gave us a large heavy tapestry rug that we could put down in the living room. When prospects arrive for a viewing, I simply lift it up, show them the stains and ask them if they wish the rug to remain.

A lovely young couple are moving in soon and they don’t want the rug. Understandable as it’s quite old fashioned and they have a dog.

If even the rug doesn’t end up with canine smells, what pooch couldn’t resist a good chew at the tassles?

So today I decided to take it out and bring it back home with the view to placing it under our plain red rug, which lies underneath a table.

I haven’t a clue how it will look, so that’s why I’m being Mrs. Independant. Husbands hate it when wives do things like this on their own and Anwar will have a mini fit when he comes home. You see, the flat is a considerable distance away from our house and I don’t have a car. Nobody was there to help me lug this contraption down the road. I did it myself with the help of my trusted friend Hilda. (My grannie trolley)

I know the first thing my beloved will say when he opens the living room door. “How on earth did you get that rug from the flat to here?!!”

My reply shall be simple: “You forget that I cartered Abigail’s large wooden cabinet from her bedroom to downstairs.”

I’ve not done a blog on that, so you’ll have to use your imagination. A solid wood floor- to-ceiling bookcase-type cabinet was taken downstairs by me, despite the fact that if I dropped it halfway down, it would have gone crashing into the glass patio door which was opposite downstairs. So I lay on my back and it came down with me, pressed against my stomach. (Never has a Christian prayed so hard. Or been in so much pain for days, but I was pleased with my accomplishments even if I was labelled the most insane one of the family)

Coming back to my conversation with Anwar: He will stare at me incredulously,
and I will then adopt a smug grin while quickly escaping to the kitchen to avoid his gaze. “Cup of tea darling?”

I folded the rug in three and heaved it into Hilda’s wheelie base then tied it with ribbon & string.

I then proceeded down the road, gaining many strange looks, especially from old men making their way down to the Mosque. They like to get there early because it makes them feel more spiritual and Allah may bless them with a heavenly vision for their piety. Well, many got lucky today.

“Some kind of negro apparition was wheeling a large carpet in zig zag lines across the pavement. Maybe there was a phoenix inside who couldn’t decide which way she should go, as she couldn’t keep it straight. Then suddenly it would bang straight into the wall and she’d pirouette 360 degrees to turn it around and continue in the same direction. When she got to a kerb, she’d spin around again and hurl it up from behind. At times, she walked in the road. Oh prophet, what does this mean?”

My family’s nickname for me is Crazy Horse because I used to stomp about heavily, and my dad always knew I was coming down the road before I was in sight. I’d turn the corner to find him cleaning the car and grinning. “I knew that was you clomping down the road, Crazy Horse.” he’d say.

But now I have a new name: ‘The Crazy Packhorse’.

Well, we both made it in one piece. The rug is in it’s new home. I’m a little achy but I’ll survive.
You thought I’d forgotten the God Bit didn’t ya? All I can say is, this life is so hard that sometimes our stresses, fears, and burdens can feel like a large carpet strapped to our backs. Jesus wants to lighten the load by us coming to him daily and asking him for help. He said, “Come to me all you who are weary, heavy laden and burdened and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) Try it. It will stop you from banging into brick walls.

Here’s the final resting place. It’s a little old-fashioned, but it will do for now.


Now it’s time for some well-earned sustenance.



I have since removed this ugly rug from our living room, had in in our bedroom for a year, then cut it into three pieces and removed it permanently from the house.

It’s ugly.

And it’s a dust magnet.



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