pigmy banabas

Let’s Talk Shopping

I love Tescos. In my experience, they provide the best home delivery grocery service out of all the supermarkets.

For my foreign friends, unfamiliar with English food-picking customs, there are several grocery stores that let you order your produce online then have it delivered to your door the next day, or later on in that week.

Its great for the elderly, infirm or those of us like me, who’ve had to say goodbye to their treasured car.

Good Service

Tescos are fantastic and they always go out their way to accommodate changes, missed bags and missing items. And if what you’ve ordered is out of stock, they will replace it with a more expensive alternative without charging you any extra. On the rare occasion the delivery man is late, they’ll also refund your delivery charge.

However, one down side is, the person picking your fruit & veg is not you. So they don’t know your finikity ways when it comes to choosing.

I Have Issues

I admit, when it comes to choosing fruit n veg, I have issues. Big ones.

My dad used to own a ‘grocery & everything including the kitchen sink’ shop and his perishable produce would turn bad very quickly.
My heart would pound as he’d proudly enter the living room at the end of a hard day and declare “These have to he eaten up.” What he really meant was, ‘This pile of stuff is only good for the garbage, as its gone off good and proper, but I don’t want to make a financial loss, so I’m giving it to my family instead of the trash can.’

Proud As Punch

He’d stand there with a large rectangular wooden box, laden with long green n black beans, squashed cherries, bashed apples, minging mushrooms, and strawberries not even fit for jam. Quantity-wise, it would have been great, if they weren’t all insulated with their own white fur – mould. He’d make us open the soggy beans to get the protected peas out, and do other unmentionable things to the rest, in the name of saving money. A plentiful supply of fruit is fine if it’s plump and sweet and not teeming with maggots.

This Is Why I’m Fussy

So now, I have to have it perfect. Bananas with no black bits. Not the slightest dent in a grape or strawberry. No eyes on the peeled spuds. super-shiny petits pois, and no grapefruit unless I’m in Florida.

Cute Fruit

A month or so ago, I decided to take a risk and order a packet of bananas without seeing them in the flesh.They were so tiny! Cute infact, but my husband says the only thing that should be described as such, are babies and young animals.

I got them for his daily lunch box. “What’s this?” He asked one morning, as he spotted the offending item peering out from between his sandwiches. “I’m sorry darling,” I replied, “but in the picture they looked normal. That’s what comes of not choosing stuff yourself.”

It was then my memory took me back to my childhood past.

Here’s the God bit

But I’m glad God doesn’t do that to us. We don’t have to be flawless before he’ll accept us. We don’t have to be perfect before he can use us.

He welcomes us, pygmy or tall, blemishes an’ all. Well I’m relieved about that, aren’t you?