Are ‘Jesus Is My Boyfriend’ Songs Cool?


Okay okay, I know this drives a lot of people crazy.

Night Club Or Church?

Christians and non- Christians tend to agree on this one issue: if you’re singing about Jesus, make it clear. Many a heathen has tapped their foot and swiveled hip bones to the beat of a song that turned out to be Jesus-devoted and they squirmed when some giggling friend informed them they were busting out a bogle to God’s son.

And believers have frowned so hard when hip-hoppy-techno-jungle-in-the-garage, beats have blasted out of Premier Christian Radio and UCB, that their ophyrons (the space between your eyebrows) are permanently marked.

An Item Or An Idol?

So what is a ‘Jesus is my boyfriend song?’ A song written by a Christian about their love for Jesus, how great he is and how he makes them feel, but with a distinct absence of any divine name – thereby confusing the listener and fooling him into thinking the singer is crooning about their lover-boy.

So you get phrases like,

‘You make me feel so good.’
‘I’m falling in love with you.’
‘Oh, I adore you.’
‘Touch me, touch me.’
‘My life is better now I’ve found you.’
‘I long to be in your arms.’
‘No-one loves me the way you do.’
‘ I couldn’t live without you.’
‘When you’re near, I feel so happy.’
‘I want you, I need you, I love you…’

But the words, ooh baby, and oh boy, and ah, darling, and hey girl, could as easily be slipped in as much as Jesus, my Lord, my God etc. and so all who hear it, assume it’s just another pop song.

There’s been many a write up about Christian song writing and the more conservative worshippers often pick up on this topic.

Lacking in lyrics

To be honest, I mostly agree, because being a lyricist/poet, I’m particular about words and phrases. I will say to my husband, “What does, ‘He breaks the power of cancelled sin mean?’ ” and he’ll say, “I dunno, you analyse hymns too much.”
I love Christian worship to be laced with ‘Jesus’, and two of the best songs for this is Sandi Patty’s ‘No Other Name’ and Hillsongs’ ‘The Only Name’.

Here’s My Contradiction

But… here’s my two-faced tale: I have discovered a JIMB singer songwriter who I love, love love!

Yes, in most of her songs, she could be warbling about any ole dude. At a first listen, it could be devotions to Satan himself or that hunky bit of stuff that sits behind her in college.
But I like her and I love her songs… a lot.


Because, well, she’s different. If you listen closely or pick the right YouTube clip that shoves the words in your face, there are ‘Lordy’ type words squeezed into the bridge somewhere. But there is a genuine spiritual edge to her songs and it’s obvious, (to me at least) that she has a real love for the Lord and is divinely talented. To me, knowing that she’s singing about Jesus is enough, because she is doing her best to appeal to a young audience who are currently being entertained by half-dressed women who think it’s cool to sing about unedifying things.

It was my card-artist friend Cobwebs who first pointed her out to me here on WordPress.

Saved By Grace

Yes, I’m talking about the one and only Jamie Grace. She’s such a breath of fresh air and now, when my little girl wants something to sway to, I know I can pop on one of her songs without the concern that the spirit behind the lyrics are depressive or sexual or lustful or envious or blasphemous or selfish (do it to me baby) or greedy or just plain foolish. With no tracks about break-ups, suicide, what you make me want to do to you, obsession with rhythms, and no videos showing indecent ladies who’s underwear has fallen in the boiling pot, who are shaking all their wobbly bits like a tube of Smarties, I can safely tune in and let her bop. And praise. And worship.

To conclude, I do wish young Miss Grace would add plenty more Jesus words, to her songs, but until then, at least I do know that she’s not singing to the pitch-forked one, not encouraging my daughter to slash her wrists, to lose her virginity, and nor is she singing to him in the history class who cannot concentrate on the Industrial Revolution because he’s too occupied with trying to get her knickers off.


10 thoughts on “Are ‘Jesus Is My Boyfriend’ Songs Cool?

  1. For an old dinosaur of a metal-head like myself, I have to confess that I don’t share your love for Jamie Grace’s songs. I can sure see the appeal: she has a great voice. I think you are right about a lot of her songs as, though one could interpret them as being about Jesus, that is not necessarily the only way to see it. I mean, if someone did not know she was a Christian, one might see them as just more pop-like love songs. Good post and though provoking!


  2. I haven’t heard the artists you’ve referred to, but I definitely hear what you’re saying, Sharon. Have you ever heard Nicole C. Mullins’ music. She is a bit hip hop (I think) and I love her songs “My Redeemer Lives” and “Everyday People”. I just have to pump up the volume and shout and sing along with her. Very gifted and really loves the Lord too. Of that, I am sure. Good blog!


    • Hi Tabitha,
      Thanks for stopping by to say hello.Yes, I love Nicole Mullen because she’s not your typical Black Gospel singer and just does her own style. Also, she writes most of her own songs which is always impressive.

      ‘My Redeemer’ is such a lovely song. In fact the word ‘lovely’ seems too lame to describe it. It’s my husband’s favourite Christian song, so it’s always being played around the house.

      And don’t you just love the way she adds silly little noises in between her tracks? On one of her albums, the old man singing in the background reminds me of my dad on a Sunday morning. 🙂

      Blessings xx


  3. I totally understand the concern. I think some of it is written like that by staff writers to make more Christian songs acceptable as mainstream. I listened to one of LeCrae’s songs from his album that is out right now, and it doesn’t even mention the name Jesus. Personally, I am not afraid to use His name when I’m writing my songs and I personally prefer to. I think I may have only written one Christian song that doesn’t overtly use His name but I’d have to check. Either way, anything that has one of the 4 major labels backing it will undoubtedly worry more about selling records than selling Jesus. I’d rather sell Jesus and let Him decide how successful I become.


      • Amen! Bless you Sharon, and thank you for listening to my testimony. It is an amazing time for me right now, living by faith and God has reassured my heart time and time again. Keep writing and living for Him! 🙂


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