Something To Be Proud Of

I looked into the mirror,
For a very long while,
But I could not be happy,
It was hard to smile.
As I looked at my reflection,
I knew I’d never see,
Any other person
Who looked just like me.
No sisters, no mother,
No brothers and no dad.
Others take for granted,
The thing I wish I had.
They know the woman
Who fed them from inside,
But my mum ran away,
And my father has died.

I have no relations,
And with my parents not here,
I wonder about their birthdays
As we travel through the year.
I’ve no siblings to fight with,
No memories to share,
No personality traits,
That I can compare.
They say, blood’s thicker than water,
Well, water’s all I’ve got.
I’ve photographs of friends,
But cousins, I have not.

One day, however,
God showed me something,
He said I was in the family
Of Jesus the King.
He also showed me
That I need not be sad,
For my God gave me,
A special mum and dad.
God said, when they saw me,
They rejoiced and went wild,
And took me to raise me
As their own special child.

My mother does not care,
That I wasn’t in her tum,
She’s just so very glad
To hear me call her ‘mum’.
God said, “This is what
I delight to do,
To show my love through others,
To prove that I want you.”

So, I’ve something to be proud of,
And this will suffice,
To know I was chosen,
Not just once, but twice.
God chose me first,
Then my parents, after.
I’m doubly adopted
And that fills me with laughter.


Something to Be Proud Of: Version Two – for a boy

(Substitute text in bold above, with text below)

God said when they saw me,
They were so full of joy,
To be given the chance,
To raise such a sweet boy.

Something to Be Proud Of: Version Three – for a girl

(Substitute text in bold above, with text below)

My parents saw me,
As their own precious pearl,
Sent to them in the form
Of a beautiful girl.

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