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Someone’s beaten me to it. I had an idea in the back of my mind to write a blog on loom bands and use the title, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow Loom’.  Not so original huh? But I was delighted to discover that the lady who got there before me, was having the same experiences – a child going into temper tantrums over elastic bands.

She too, had a daughter who sat staring at YouTube, painstakingly following the advice of a rubber Einstein, only to discover after fifteen minutes of draping and looping, that it didn’t work. One pull and it all came apart. Miniature rubber bands shot into the air at high speed, landing behind the telly, on the cat and in my husband’s coffee. Hot tears flowed down my daughter’s face, followed by the temptation to hurl a piece of rectangular plastic across the room.

This lady’s blog was funny and comforting. I was going to post the link here, but have discovered that since then, many more mums have been adopting this title and have pushed her off the first page of Google.

But it was great, for there was a picture of this frustrated little girl sat in front of a desktop computer, looking like her world had caved in. If anyone manages to find this article, please let me know as I’d love to read it again.

Nearly one million kits had been sold by end 2013, and I guess with Christmas looming, excuse the pun, there will be parents fighting each other on the Eve, as the last batch of bands, boards and hooks are sold off cheaply.

My daughter’s birthday was coming up, I decided to be shrewd and purchase a large batch of bands from Amazon, as it worked out much cheaper.

my favourite necklace
my favourite necklace

When the two separate parcels arrived, I had six neon packets and one pastel packet. I stared at them all. The large pastel bag was supposed to contain 1800. That was fine, it looked about right. However the 5 other bags were supposed to total 3000 and even though I know bands squash down small, I was concerned that I’d been diddled. Grouped together, it looked the same quantity as the 1800 pastel bag. There was only one thing for it. Yes, you guessed. Count them. I painstakingly pulled them apart one by one and placed them in piles of 100.


eight short?
eight short?


Technically, there was only need to count 500, as the last pile would then look similar in quantity to the rest. I stared at the last un-counted rubber clump. It looked smaller than it’s compatriots. About 8 less I think. No of course I didn’t count them for a missing 8. A few short? I can live with that.

You’re wondering how on earth am I going to squeeze something spiritual out of this. How can I relate this new crazy craze to God and his love for us?
The answer’s in their title. Rainbow.
Scientists tell us all kinds of silly stuff about the earth being 200 billion years old and how legs suddenly popped outta fish, turning them into amphibians and how feathered dinosaurs were the start of the first birds.
Well, I’m not going to rant about the foolishness of the evolution theory, I’ll leave that for someone else to do, but I will say that God made the rainbow as a sign to us that his promises never fail.
Oh I’ve had all sorts promised to me by well-meaning friends and family trying to assure me of this and help me with that. But people, humans, let you down again and again and again.. God never lets us down. We blame him for lots of stuff, but in reality he is the only one in whom we can totally rely.

Yes there was a flood and yes he created the pretty rainbow.
One thing though… how come whenever I see one in the sky, the colours aren’t as bright and bold and clearly separated like those we see on beautiful pictures of children? I ‘ve always wondered that.

my favourite bracelet
my favourite bracelet

No scientific explanations please, I’d rather you sent me detailed instructions of how to do the Gumball Bracelet without it falling apart. Thanks x

6328 and counting...
6328 and counting…