“Knock Knock, Ding Dong,” Quick Hide, It’s The JW’s!

jw door

I used to feel like that – okay I admit it, I still do.

A lady came to the door this morning all on her own. The poor thing was shaking with nerves as she tried to explain the benefits of the free website she was offering. She was laden down with a bag full of Watchtower magazines and was desperate for me to lighten her load by 10 grams.

Telling Jehovah’s Witnesses that you are a Christian and believe in God and that “My heavenly home is secure thank you.” does not cut the mustard with them. They still try to convert you.

I wondered why I was awarded the honour of only one person, as they normally knock the doors in twos. Then I remembered that they have a strategy of marking houses depending on previous responses. So she already knew what my beliefs were and the powers that be must have deemed it safe to come alone. However across the road stood two burly men just in case I should decide to put my hands around her throat and clonk her on the head with my bible.

So is this a JW-bashing blog? Definately not. I feel sorry for them because I found out that they are not trying to save me from Hell because they care about me, but because their religion tells them that the more people they convert, the better chances they have with God’s favour. He will give them scrumptious rewards if they get many people to become JW’s.

How sad. God is not like that at all. They are deceived and living a life most miserable. If I had to spend my entire time trying to score points with God, I’d be suicidal in 4 months, because I know what a pathetic sinner I am. I hate strong competition too. Okay, I admit I turn into an obsessed panther when playing ‘The Hare & Tortoise or Monopoly, but real competition that involves my future, I can’t handle.

I will say it again… It is extremely sad that so many religions deceive, then convince innocent folk that they have to do daft things in order to win God’s favour and get him to look down upon them with a half smile if they are lucky. God sent Jesus, his son into this world to tell people he is not like that in the slightest. He is a loving father who has freely given us Jesus so that we do not have to fight and strive and earn our way into his affections and ultimately, Heaven.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) So we needed a Saviour to be the mediator between us and God, which was Jesus.

We are saved by grace alone (undeserved favour) so no man can boast. (Ephesians 2:8) He successfully managed to secure us a place in Heaven by rising from the dead after 3 days, and defeating the devil and his wicked plans to take us all to Hell with him.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly. (Romans 5:6) That’s us. All of us. God is perfectly holy, so he can only accept us through Jesus, who became the scapegoat for our sins. In the olden days people would sacrifice a young goat, but that had to be done weekly. Jesus died so that we have a once and for all sacrifice for our bad ways.

For God so loved the world, that he gave us his only son, so that whoever believes in him, will not perish in Hell but have everlasting life in Heaven. (John 3:16)

Rolling on the ground all the way to a special mountain, in dog poo and rain, getting sores blisters and strange looks,

kissing the feet of an old man who only speaks Latin, expecting life to be perfect once he’s touched your head,

praying to an inanimate object made out of the same wood you use to cook your food,

dabbing yellow powder onto your forehead and chanting along with a tambourine,

oppressing your women, insisting they walk 3 feet behind you, while looking through a 2 inch gap,

wearing a posh suit, while following the directions of a man who’s long-gone-dead and buried, who stated that God is married and that Negros are descendants from satan and were turned black owing to God’s anger.

…is not the way to your father’s heart. He’s made it so much simpler, because he knows how we like to complicate things and how proud and arrogant we get with each other.

Please understand that I am not mocking other religions and faiths. God would not like me to do that and he abors contempt for others, no matter how ‘small’.

He let his precious son take our sins and he took our punishment so that when we believe and accept that he did this for us and allow him to work in our lives, we will be saved from the fear of death, because Heaven is the home that awaits true believers. That should be the only reason to talk to someone about Jesus. To rescue them from the path of destruction and torment, not to clock up extra points so that our mansion is more sparkly than that of our friend’s.

I watched the lady walk out of my drive and wander to the next house. Wouldn’t it be better to be at home having a cup of tea and knitting for the grandchildren? Yet she has to trundle to the dwellings of strangers, and repeat the same memorised words, try to be cool and friendly, when all the time, she knows that she’s probably going to be met with scowls and sarcastic words or just plain anger. I wish I could release her, tell her the truth, that she doesn’t have to do this. That God never instructed this. He doesn’t mind if you spend your morning reading ‘Take a Break’. But unfortunately, her mind has already been indoctrinated by people who are blinded themselves. Jesus said, “If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14)

They use the name Jehovah, I don’t know why. That name was given to Jesus. But they don’t worship Jesus, nor do they believe in the real Jesus. They don’t even celebrate Christmas so why the Jehovah word?

Jesus is called many ‘Jehovah’ names in the Bible, which identifies his attributes; one of them is ‘Jehovah Shalom’, The God Of Peace.

They have no peace. Would you, if you knew that you had to get out of a warm bed and walk around a neighbourhood knocking on the doors of people who find you an irritating interference? Would you, knowing that the success of this action determines your standing with the Almighty?

If I had to do such a task, I’d be so rubbish at it, that God would have written me off his list long ago.

door shut


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