Why Am I Following My Own Blog?


Blogs I follow: Me following me

Blogs I follow:
Me following me

Only I could end up following myself because I pressed something I shouldn’t have.

Reading instructions before tampering, is something you either do meticulously without fail, or not at all.

I’m with the latter half. When I first joined the writing site Helium, I went straight in and wrote my first article in 8 minutes and was very proud of myself.

Within 3 days, that, together with another 4, were rejected by the panel.

It turns out that if you write anything factual, your article should not contain any text written in the first person and there should be no personal opinions.

What? I can’t give my view on the matter? “Er…no. Read the small print that isn’t that tiny.”

If one wrote on Helium under the serious, sensible, ‘I’m going to make a report worthy of being printed in the posh newspapers’, genre, then there had to be links embedded from outside sources to confirm that you were not a conceited know-all – and what you thought personally, was not to be seen anywhere on the page.

WordPress is great.

The best. If someone feels like ignoring a typo, nobody’s going to judge them. I’m quite hot on grammar and spelling, even to the point that my text messages rarely contain abbreviations. But not everyone is like that and WordPress gives people of all writing abilities, the chance to express themselves without the worry that work is going to be rejected because they said, ‘preys’ instead of ‘praise’ or ‘prays’ instead of ‘preys.’

Yep, WordPress is good . I’ve only been on here 2 months and I’ve met all kinds of people from all over the world with all kinds of hobbies and interests.

I’ve been particularly interested in those who I probably wouldn’t readily bump into in the high street. Like trans gender ladies who would not open up in public and declare who they really were and what they were truly thinking.

Yet there is a place for them here to express themselves, be honest, vulnerable but protected at the same time. They can refuse to post a comment from someone else if they deem it to be inappropriate and they can be encouraged by looking at their stats page and seeing that folk from Outer Mongolia, Siberia, Madagascar and Alaska have been reading all about them.

So, thank you WordPress.

You are such a great outlet for the opinionated, the stressed, the sanguine, the chatterboxes those who love the sound of their own voice, the lonely, the confused , the crazy who need to air their thoughts before they burst. There are those who have skills and gifts to show off, those who want to learn more about a particular craft or hobby and those who just need the assurance that someone else ‘went throu and they know how you feel’.

Unlike Helium, who suddenly changed the rules of their website without warning and lost more than half their members (and subsequently closed down a few months later) I hope that WordPress will be hs to come.

Don’t you agree?


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