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I remember the day clearly. It was twelve years ago, but may have well been yesterday. I was distraught because I couldn’t find any well-made tiaras for my beautiful bridesmaids at a price I could afford.

sparkly headband


elena headband




I’d already gone way over my budget on their dresses and I needed something gorgeous to compliment the fine, lilac satin that they would be gliding down the aisle in.


Jenny, Michelle, Sigourney & Kimberley
Jenny, Michelle, Sigourney & Kimberley

My dear friend Lorna, came to my aid and as a bespoke designer of glamorous head-wear, she got to work immediately, creating four of the most exquisite, dazzling, tiaras that I had ever seen.

They weren’t laden with bling, because my bridesmaids wanted something simpler, but nevertheless, we were all very happy with the result.

Doesn't the bride look stunning?
Doesn’t the bride look stunning?



Lorna has an artistic flair and keen eye for detail, as can be seen in the many photos scattered around this page.

It’s hard to chose a favourite especially as she skillfully creates other delightful accessories such as:

fascinators, haircombs, button hole flowers, headbands, headdresses, bouquets, wands & butterfiles for children,

…all to your personal specification.


She doesn’t know it yet, but she also makes delicate little garters – keep reading and you’ll find out why.


My favourties

For tiaras, it has to be this one:

fit for any princess
fit for any princess


And for gorgeous looking hair, for me it is this enchanting design of white flowers cascading down the tresses:

simply charming!
simply charming!


Short cuts are not left out

Short haired ladies need not be jealous, as Lorna does not miss anybody out when it comes to adorning ladies of all ages and hair types. Just look at this adorable fascinator:

beautiful lady in red
beautiful lady in red


Shoulder length

For those of you who have neither the practical mane that doesn’t not blow in the wind, nor the Rapunzel envy that you can plait, twirl or curl in large feminine drops, there are many lovely flowers that are bewitchingly pretty:

cool n classy
cool n classy


It is very obvious from Lorna’s creations that she studied floristry to a high level and also invested time in learning how to make magnificent jewellery. This young lady looks so elegant:


Belle of the ball
Belle of the ball


So whether you’re going to the prom, the wedding, the party, the christening, or just fancy looking a little bit more glamorous for that sultry night in with the one you love, Lorna can find you something that will make you feel very special indeed.

butterfly tiara


ruby tiararound pearl tiara





blue tiara



Now do you remember I mentioned those alluring garters? Well, silly me got it wrong. You see, I was so busy feeling all ‘weddingy’, looking at all these attractive accessories, that when I came across a picture of graceful, lacy,  elastic woven bands, I just assumed they were for placing around a bride’s thigh. Then on careful inspection, I realised that Lorna hadn’t made them for the leg of any woman, but for the delicate, soft head of a tiny cute baby – they are baby headbands!

can double-up as any pretty thing you want!
can double-up as any pretty thing you want!


So, little does my dear friend know, but she has added an accessory item to the ever-growing things that she is great at producing.

Thighs or head, you choose.

My last favourite thing (if I am allowed to have several favourites) are the haircombs:

combs 2flower pearlribbon combsfiiona backciombs
















I am trying to think of all the celebrations and functions I can invite myself to, whether I know the host or not. Gate-crashing doesn’t quite match the resplendent goodies I’m planning to adorn myself with, so that won’t do. I’m after the grand balls, like the ones you see in Jane Austen films, which will compliment all the comely delicacies above.


So if you have knowledge of any such gatherings, please will you have a quiet word in the ear of the host and convince them that, I will be the perfect guest at their festival, looking radiant in a Shine tiara and necklace looking something like this one:



If I receive no invites, there is only one other option left to me. I will have to buy my beloved husband a new suit. Then I shall announce that with all the amazing creations of Lorna’s to choose from, we simply must………get married again.

The lovely Lorna
The lovely Lorna