Well I don’t, but I do love telling people that as long as they’re still breathing, conscious and in a sane state of mind, it’s not too late to ‘make your peace’ with God.

None of us know when we are going to die, but our father in Heaven is eagerly awaiting to take you into his arms when that last breath is breathed. But it’s your choice and you could make the wrong one.

Sorry to be so blunt, but isn’t life hard enough without discovering when you die, that your bottom’s burning? (…forever)


I love Bingo,
It’s my time for socializing.
It’s a safe haven
From a world that’s terrorizing.
Last week, my handbag
Was snatched from my shoulder.
This world’s getting worse,
Thugs are getting bolder.
The boy was younger
Than my youngest Grandson.
Has he a conscience?
Has he morals? Not one.
As I sit at the table,
With my pen in my hand,
I think what he needs
Is a good reprimand.

I chat with my friends,
As we start a new game,
But inside, I’m thinking
I will not be the same.
The attack left me scared,
For I live on my own.
My only contact with others,
Is from my telephone.
I love Bingo,
But I can’t concentrate.
I’m wondering why people
Are full of madness and hate.

As I tick off the numbers,
I stare at the clock,
Only ten minutes left,
My knees start to knock.
I’ll be home soon,
On my own and afraid.
It’s time to get serious,
It’s time that I prayed.
Oh God, if you’re there,
Protect me tonight.
Please reassure me
That I’ll be alright.
I will listen and I’m sorry
For taking so long,
To admit that I need you,
I’ve been so headstrong.

Be part of my life,
Whatever is left,
I’ve changed since I’ve been,
A victim of theft.

Everyone is laughing,
But my eyes are swollen,
I’m crying because I realize,
I too, have stolen.
I’ve kept from God,
All of my best years,
And all I have now,
Are eyes full of tears.
He wanted my attention,
He wanted to be involved,
While I turned to other people,
To get my problems solved.

I love Bingo,
But I want God included,
I no longer want
Him to be excluded.
Into the chute,
Goes another little ball,
I look up and laugh,
I don’t care at all.
I have a full house,
So I don’t need to win,
For I’ve just asked God
To forgive all my sin.

I have a full house,
So I don’t need to win,
For I’ve just asked God
To forgive all my sin.
I have a full house,
So I have more than most.
With me, there is now,
Father, Son, Holy Ghost.
Yes, when I get home,
My heart shall be calm,
For God promises to keep
His children from harm.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him, shall not perish but have eternal life.”

(John 3:16)