There’s somebody for everyone, isn’t there?

I remember hearing a true story about a lady who suffered a severe stroke which left one side of her face extremely twisted.
Her husband came to visit her in hospital, and on leaving, he bent down to kiss her. He contorted his face so that his mouth matched hers and he puckered his lips so that they fit perfectly. He thought nothing of it.

Unconditional love is amazing.

I’m Married

They say I’ve got special needs,
Because I dribble when I talk.
My spaghetti adorns the table,
Instead of on my fork.

They say that I am noisy,
Because I can’t control my speech,
My anxiousness annoys them,
When my mouth lets out a screech.

They say I’m very ugly,
As my glasses are so thick.
I can’t walk in a straight line,
Unless I’m guided by a stick.

They say that I am stupid,
For I struggle to succeed,
I cannot tell the time,
And I stutter when I read

They say that I’m so clumsy,
Because things slip through my hands.
I ignore all my accusers,
Because my husband understands.

Yes, yes I am married,
To a lovely, caring man.
He thinks that I am beautiful,
Accepting me for who I am.

I’m married to a hero,
Who has excellent eyesight.
For he sees past the problems,
And says that I’m just right.

He sees what God created
And has understood,
That everything God makes
Is very, very good.