A Royal Celebration

The fantastic visionaries in our church thought it would be a great idea to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, by celebrating her official birthday on the exact day, which was last Saturday 14th June. (Her actual day of birth is 21 April 1926)

Huddersfield’s Got Talent

We are grateful to be blessed with a congregation brimming with creative people, so talents got to work to create a street party filled with fun and food.

Why Do We Do This?

Free lunch, cakes and squash was flowing in a atmosphere where people of all kinds and backgrounds are eager to share the good news to strangers about how Jesus has made a positive difference in their lives.

Red, White and Blue

Long tables were laid out with plastic cloths decorated with the Union Jack flag, and banners and buntings of a similar kind were hung all around the open area in the part of the town allocated to us by the friendly council.


Many activities were taking place, such as nail painting (the ones at the end of your fingers), a bouncy castle, face painting and a puppet show for the kids.

My favourite thing though, was the tintamarresque – one of those large wooden boards that has a painted picture of a person on the front, but the face has been cut out to accommodate yours. You stand behind it, stick your head through, take a picture and have a good old laugh. If you are still clueless as to what I’m on about, please take a peek at the photos.

A work of art
A work of art

A Second Queen

A lovely young lady called Esther, made it, and how great it looked standing there, tempting people to throw away their inhibitions and become a child again!

You had the choice of being the Queen, the Duke, or a well-loved canine.

As you can see, she got the queen’s hand just right and even remembered the precious Corgi so that HRH wouldn’t get too lonely.

Quietly Serving

Esther has such a gentle spirit and humble heart, always tirelessly serving the church. From the very moment she began attending not too many years ago, she was dashing around helping out with anything and everything and her artistic talents and organisational skills have been a great blessing to many.

But of course, if she knew I was ‘bigging her up’ like this, she’d cringe because nothing is done for show or her own recognition. Naturally, there are others like her, but she particularly inspires me. When I observe her quietly getting on with things, I think of the Proverbs 31 woman – busy, godly, wise and efficient.

Where’s Elijah? (*see below)

Like with all the other outdoor events we have, we spent days before praying for no rain. We prayed for sun. That it would be warm and dry.

Well, in the first hour, half the earth’s moisture was tipped out of the clouds onto our bit of land. It poured.

It’s Behind You!

This was good for our magician, Jonny, who gained an audience of as many adults as there were children, for he and his disappearing merchandise, were tucked safely under one of our few gazebos.

Wet, Wet, Wet

Sandaled feet sloshed about as grass seeped through the holes. Face paint dripped and craft tables were hurriedly covered. Everything that had been positioned neatly to make a professional presentation to the public, was now crumpled in a heap or scattered under a table. Yes we had some over-head coverings, but twelve more gazebos to cater for each section would cost a fortune and be a storage challenge, so we currently possess just two.

A God Of Detail

I was too busy to notice anyone approach the faceless board, but I’m sure there must have been plenty. However, at one point while the rain was falling, I looked across and marvelled at how much detail had gone into it

God is into detail. The bible tells me that, “He knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13) “He knows each hair on my head.” (Luke 12:7)

Nothing’s Too Insignificant

He cares about every single little concern in your life. Even if you think it’s silly, embarrassing, vanity or insignificant.

“Surely he couldn’t be concerned about small things when there’s so much world poverty – a global recession – human trafficking – important elections – forest fires – an earthquake that’s imminent.?”

He cares about the earthquakes in you own life. The relationship that’s been torn apart, the thing that makes you sad, scared, nervous, mournful, angry; even the stuff that brings a smile to your face.

Run To Daddy

I’m so glad he’s into specific features and personalities and problems. It makes prayer so much easier when you know you don’t have to explain everything to the One who knows you intimately and has knowledge of every aspect of your life.

What do you think?

(* 1 Kings 17)