They’re not sissys, they’re not wimps and they’re certainly not gay.

You know how some men secretly love flowers and the colour pink, but are as macho and normal as any other guy? Well, likewise, the younger men of the household could do with a hug every now and then, and here’s nothing wrong with that

So, go on Dad, he needs it more than you realise.


It Matters To Me

Dad, it matters to me,
That I’m not hugged anymore.
I still need your strong arms,
When I come through the door.
I may be twelve,
But on close inspection,
The child inside me,
Still craves your affection.

Dad, it matters to me,
So please give me a squeeze.
Sometimes in the evening,
I’d like to sit on your knees.
I’m not too old,
For you to say out loud,
“I love you, son,
And you make me proud.”

Dad I know that I’m big.
I’ll soon be taller than you,
But there are some things
I’d still like you to do.
I’m not a sissy,
So I’ll be forthright,
And say it’s okay
To kiss me goodnight.

Dad, it matters to me,
Because I love you so much,
And it makes me secure,
When I feel your touch