shattered window, shattered life
shattered window, shattered life

No fancy blog titles here. No catchy words to get you to open up mine. You either want to read this or you don’t. I felt it would be too insensitive to try to meddle with the words.

I would never try to write about something I know nothing about. I fought with God for days until I finally realised he was the stronger one, so I’d better obey. By the time I’d finished writing, I could hardly read the ink across the soggy paper. Don’t tell me he doesn’t have a heart for the broken. He doesn’t just count the tears, he weeps with those who weep.

Only Jesus can set you free from horrendous memories. It’s impossible to do it on your own. A plaster of counselling may help considerably, but it only covers up the wounds. I’m not going to say any more. This is for those who haven’t yet found that release, that peace. There is hope. Thee is freedom. With God’s help.


One Thing You Cannot Take

I came home from the hospital,
Wanting to go to bed.
But what lay ahead of me,
Caused a pounding in my head.
My stomach started churning,
I wanted to be sick.
I desperately hoped
This was a silly trick.
I saw from the hallway,
That my laptop had gone,
The television too.
What was going on?
There was glass on the carpet,
From a cabinet that was locked,
A chair had been moved,
To make my pathway blocked.

I was shaking, I was crying,
I fell to the floor.
And I couldn’t be bothered
To shut the front door.
What was the point?
The damage had been done.
Others had privacy,
But me, I had none.
Someone had invaded
And taken part of me.
It wasn’t the possessions,
Or the damage I could see.
They’d taken something deeper,
I was feeling so abused.
I’d been violated,
While the guilty were amused.

Laughing at their victory,
That they’d crept in like a mouse,
This was no longer a home,
But a tainted, creepy house.
Although they were both caught,
I did not feel free,
But they didn’t care
What they’d done to me.

It wasn’t even dark,
When they grabbed me from behind.
But when my head got covered,
I thought that I’d gone blind.
It happened all so quickly,
They shouted and they swore,
And in a split second,
They had me on the floor.
My heart beat so fast,
It made my chest heave,
Exciting them to continue,
What they intended to achieve.

One knelt behind me,
And pinned down each arm,
I begged like a child,
“Please do me no harm!”
The other lifted up his hand,
It came down across my face.
He threatened to strangle me
With a belt and his shoelace.
He pulled up my skirt,
I felt as good as dead.
I had no control of
The fate that lay ahead.
How long did it last?
I cannot remember now.
I managed to stay alive,
I cannot tell you how.

That was years ago,
Although it seems like yesterday,
But through all the pain we suffered,
There’s one thing we have to say:
You can take our dignity,
And laugh while we cried.
You can take our joy,
And leave us with no pride.
But there’s one thing you can’t take,
And that fills us with elation,
You can’t take our love for Jesus,
And you can’t take our salvation.

You can take our possessions,
Stake your claim on all we own.
You can leave us naked in the street,
Vulnerable and all alone.
But when we finally die,
Nothing can be compared
To the good things God has for us,
All the delights he has prepared.
What God will give us back,
Is far more than what you took,
Being kissed by Jesus,
Outweighs curses from a crook.

You took what you saw,
But you can’t possess my soul,
There are gifts for me far precious
Than anything that you stole.
You staked your claim on my body,
And had complete control,
It hurt and I felt wretched,
But inside, I am still whole.
You took what was not yours,
But we have gifts you cannot steal,
There’s treasure for us in Heaven
And they are far more real.
Jesus died for our sins
He suffered for our sake,
We’ve accepted his salvation,
And that, you cannot take.