Little things mean a lot to me. I always think that it does not take much to make an impact on someone that will affect them for the rest of their lives. The pastor of our church is always reminding us to not let the familiar become common. How easy it is to take each other for granted! Even saying, ‘thank you’ and meaning it is not enough for me. I want to remember acts of kindness and altruism forever.


A Little Goes A Long Way

I remember the day when a friend organised my Hen Night, guests were asked to bring along a small present for me. This was totally unexpected, as we were only going to have a meal and most people present would be attending my imminent wedding anyway. I received some wonderful, lavish presents but the gift that touched my most of all, was a five pound note tucked inside a card. The giver did not have much money and I knew what a sacrifice it would have been on her finances to give up this note in order to make me feel blessed. And blessed I was.

The Best Gardeners In The World

One thing my husband Anwar and I are very grateful for is babysitters. One of our good friends is a couple who are fantastic gardeners. Being so dedicated to their job and being always determined to provide excellent customer service, they rise at 5am everyday to begin their first job half an hour later. They also finish late, owing to the unpredictable English weather, as there is the  uncertainty that they could be rained-off the following day.

So it was a special delight for us when they offered to baby-sit when Sarah was born.

Digging All Day

One day they came round to look after Sarah for us. Having come straight from their last job of the day, they were exhausted, but ever willing to be of assistance, they happily sat down while we dashed out the door. When Anwar and I arrived back home, we had a little chat with Dave and Dawn and then they left. We thought that they probably would have been in bed ten minutes after arriving home.

When we had left the house earlier, it had been light outside, so I now needed to close the curtains in the living room. “That’s funny,” I thought, as I peered through the dark window.” Sarah’s heavy slide has moved from the grass to the paved area. There had been a recent spate of burglaries in the area so I was more perturbed than usual. “Who’s been moving things about out there?”

The next day, we awoke to a surprise indeed. Our very long, weed-covered grass had been mowed, leaving us with a lawn fit to sleep on!

It was soon discovered that while we were out having fun, our two dear friends had sneaked back outside to their van, taken out their lawn mower, cut the grass, pulled up all the weeds and tidied the bushes. They hadn’t sat in front of the television, sipping on tea and bemoaning that their aching backs needed a hot soak. And who would have blamed them if they had?

It is sweet acts of kindness like this, that stay with me forever.

God bit.

I look forward to witnessing the rewards that my friends are going to reap. For it says in Luke 6:38, “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”


Dawn with Sarah
Dawn with Sarah

This proves how bad I am at gardening: