good hearts

Everybody wants a friend. Everybody wants people to think the best of them. Everybody wants to be given the benefit of the doubt. Everyone wants to be forgiven when they have messed up. Everyone wants to be embraced for who they are.

My daughter has a book about friends and the one quote that stands out to me is,

“A good friend is one who thinks you’re a good egg even though you’re slightly cracked.”

That’s unconditional love. That’s acceptance. That is what everybody craves, whether they choose to admit it or not.

We all need to start loving a lot more and that includes me too. We all need let us stop being ‘clever’, which leads to arrogance, thinking that our reasoning is correct. This always then  which leads to:


This is not love. Let’s open our eyes and see past the face, and treat people the way we wish to be treated. True love does not make assumptions.

Love is patient and love is kind. It protects reputations and does not dishonour others with their bigoted opinions. It does not boast that it is right because they’ve studied a book and it trusts that when it is told the truth, then that is so.

Without love we all are nothing and all our ‘good works’ are in vain.

What Is Love?

(Based on 1 Corinthians 13)

Whatever I do, if it’s not out of love,
I have nothing to offer at all.
So I’ll pick up my Bible to see what love is,
And hear what God said to St. Paul:

Love is patient,
It’s prepared to wait.
There are lots of things
It can tolerate.
Love sees all good,
Without a doubting mind.
It doesn’t delight in evil,
It’s protecting and kind.

Love is unconditional,
And is always forgiving.
Seeing worth in all things,
It is full of thanksgiving.
It doesn’t get angry easily,
It’s temperate and calm.
It doesn’t seek revenge
When someone’s caused it harm.

When people have hurt it deeply,
It aims to forget quite fast.
For it doesn’t keep a mental list,
Of bad things done in the past
Love will not envy,
It is always satisfied.
It doesn’t covet people’s things
And is not puffed up with pride.

Love is not rude,
And love does not boast,
Always ready to give,
If it ever has the most.
Love will take an interest
In other people’s lives.
It detests selfishness,
On caring, it thrives.

When confused by someone’s motives,
It’s mind makes no invention.
But accepts explanations,
Believing the intention.
For it seeks to trust,
And think the best always,
Never accusing or judging,
Love never betrays.

Love is not a tell-tale,
It does not cause discord.
It’s mouth does not spew poison,
And it’s tongue is not a sword
It is not a false witness,
That delights to speak out lies.
Love is not arrogant,
And wise in it’s own eyes.

Love is lasting.
For love never fails.
Over hate, it has power,
Over hate, it prevails.
So love is what we need,
If we want to have success,
And it is the best thing,
That we could ever possess.