angel australia

Some people love to be on their own, but nobody likes to lonely.

Emotional Collapse

Many years ago a relative of mine suffered a nervous breakdown. In desperation, I ran across to the neighbours to explain, as I thought she’d thrown something into their back garden. They were people who claimed to have a relationship with God and a heart for the broken, but did not want to know. They even crossed the street when they saw me coming.

Friend Finder

When tragedy strikes I tend to go into admin mode, so while my relative was recovering in the psychiatric hospital, I rummaged through their personal paperwork to find addresses of any friends I could write to who would offer their support or who would just want to know, because they were nice people.

One of my letters went to Australia, to a former colleague of my relative.

Wonderful Surprise

Months went by and one day I received a letter back from this far-off land. But it wasn’t from the lady I wrote to. This was from a stranger who now lived at the address and who had opened it and read my plea for moral support.

Amazing Grace

She explained that she was not a Christian, nor did she know the woman who had lived there previously. But she wanted to inform me that she had read my letter and was sorry what what had happened. She wrote, “I’m not very religious, but my prayers are for your relative. I wish you well and hope she recovers soon.”

Touched By An Angel

I cried. Here was someone living thousands of miles away from me, who did not know me nor the person who was ill, who had no relationship with God or the person to whom I was writing, yet she took the time to send me back a few words of encouragement that blessed my heart more than she will ever know.

Don’t Embarrass Us

Yet sadly, the Christians 3 doors down made me feel like something you scrape from off the shoe of a child who runs around a park thinking the brown bits in the grass are mud.

The Good Samaritan

Where is that story about the Good Samaritan? I’m not going to pass judgement on the neighbours, that is for God to do. But I am going to declare most unashamedly that the Australian lady was the Samaritan who gave generously to someone whose spirit was beaten up and bleeding. “But how could she pray for you effectively if she did not even know God herself?” I hear you ask. Her wonderful act of kindness has moved me to pray for her several times and I am believing that when she takes her last breath, she will certainly not be Down Under.


A hand is raised,
A wave in her direction.
She feels so blessed
To see such true affection.
Her stomach feels warm,
Here’s a friend at last.
She starts to say “Hello.”
The person walks straight past.
She frowns and looks behind her,
To see what she is facing.
Pain shoots through her abdomen
As two friends are embracing.
“It’s never me.” she thinks,
To accept that, is quite tough.
She offers her friendship,
It never seems to be enough.
Sometimes she feels invisible.
Sometimes just insecure.
Many people like her,
But most times, she’s unsure.
If someone needs some company,
It’s never her they choose.
Many are in groups,
Close friends are in twos.

The Lord looks down and sees
All who feel alone,
Some wait for letters,
Some glance at their phone.
Others are more active,
But often feel like crying.
They know they’ve made an effort,
So it’s not for want of trying.

Loneliness is like a barrier
That keeps the world apart,
From the person craving friendship,
Love and a fulfilled heart.
It cuts like a chain-saw,
Driving to the bone,
Leaving behind the hurt,
Of feeling so alone.

He sits down with acquaintances,
And views with admiration,
How every single one of them
Are deep in conversation.
Address books are coming out,
And all are swapping dates.
He feels jealous there are those,
Who are looked upon as mates.
He thinks, “Am I annoying?
Am I just a pain?
When they see me coming,
Do they think, ‘Not you again?’”

Jesus is with his Father
Sitting upon his throne,
But he knows how you are feeling,
For he was often on his own.
One day he was in agony,
But no-one heard him weep.
Friends should have supported him,
But they went and fell asleep.
When he did good deeds
He was often surprised
How he was still ignored,
He was still despised.

Look to the Holy Spirit,
Let him be your best friend
At the end of your life,
That’s all that matters in the end.
But do not lose all hope,
Keep trusting day by day.
Ask the Lord to help
And good friends will come your way.

We all need each other…