Hubby’s mummy

I never got the chance to meet Stella, my mother-in- law, because she passed away many years ago. My husband has kept my imagination alive with fond stories of the past that portrayed her character beautifully.

Stop it! Give it back! It’s not yours!

Though one thing she was fond of doing that irritated him slightly, was talking to the people on the television. You know, like there are a myriad of miniature folk conversing behind the back of the set.

Wanna sing?

Apparently, she would give advice to distraught women and argue with the baddies. There was even the occasional finger-wagging at those who refused to be reformed. So I have tried over the years to not emulate this trait, even though quiz shows can get me tense because I hate them. It is not surprising that ‘The News’ also awakes my passions, but Anwar is quick to spot the rising chest and large intake of breath and before I have chance to say anything, he says, “Don’t start. They can’t hear you.” But how can I sit there with a load of air in my lungs? It has to be expelled, so I turn it into a song and pretend I was wanting to sing all along.

Raising Helen

We watched a film last night called Raising Helen. It’s a pleasant kind of movie that doesn’t take too much brain power. Kate Hudson plays a young successful career girl who is suddenly burdened with the responsibilty of having to be a surrogate mum to a nephew and two nieces, after her older sister dies in a car crash. Having been granted full custody by her trusting, deceased sibling, she is forced to give up her job and move to a new town. She takes her charges to a religious Lutheran school where she meets the Principal,who is a dashing young man sporting a dog collar. However, he is not called ‘Reverend’ or ‘Vicar’, just ‘Pastor Dan’. It is obvious he has romantic intentions towards her from the very first meeting and he’s soon at her tail and in her face.

Man of the cloth makes me cough

Now it is a mild comedy, so I expected some far-fetched story lines and weird dialogue, but if I’m honest, I often get a little tetchy when anyone is playing the role of a supposed Christian.

Vomit arising

The inevitable scene came when Pastor Dan tried to kiss the leading lady and she refused, owing feeling unworthy of his churchly status. Then came the line that had me wretching like a kitten choking on a fur-ball. As she rejected his advances and slid from underneath his arms, he turned and said, “I’m sexy. I’m a sexy man of God and I know it!” Uggh!

Goodbye self-control

I couldn’t bear it any longer. Stella would have been proud of her verbose daughter-in-law. I screamed, “Well, if you are really a man of God, you wouldn’t be hitting on a non-Christian lady now would you, Pastor!”

It’s times like this that Anwar normally squeezes my hand and says gently, “Honey, just run with it – it’s only a film.”

Frumpy, hypocritical nutters

But it got my blogger-mind thinking. Why are Christians in plays, dramas and in films usually always portayed as either:

  • Compromising
  • Fanatical
  • Or just plain wimps? (Don’t even get me started on Steel Magnolias)

Enter the professionals

Then I smiled. I remembered mult -award-winning Alex Kendrick and his team of very professional Christian actors who play their parts so excellently you’d think they spent years training at acting school.

So far they have delighted us with Courageous, Fireproof, Flywheel and my favourite, Facing The Giants.

They all have excellent story lines, are not in-your-face super-spiritual, nor are they soppy, it-all-comes-right-in-the-end-after-a-tear and-a-prayer, scenarios. But they are not afraid to tackle real issues and show how God can turn difficult circumstances around, when everything looks hopeless. The icing on the cake however, is that no matter how difficult the issue is that is being faced, there is always a bit of humour added in somewhere. A good reminder that God is not just our Lord but our daddy too.

New release!

So it is to my delight that I have discovered that a new Alex Kendrick film has been released this year. Mom’s Night Out.

One critic describes it as ‘Refreshingly wholesome.’

Another states, “Mom’s Night Out” is one of the most delightful comedies I have seen in years. It was pure joy to sit through a film that was not filled with crude, raunchy, vulgar ‘humor’ or language.”

Sounds good enough to me and going by their fantastic track record, I simply cannot wait to seet it!

Has anybody watched it yet? Please let me know what you think x