Isn’t it exciting when God gives you new unexpected friends?

My NUF (well if the annoying BFF can be posted everywhere, why can’t I invent a new one?) is fellow blogger and steamy writer Chris Longden. Though no, we didn’t meet on WordPress. Our kiddies have hit it off after doing a school exchange thingy. (I’ll explain on another page one day)

Well, dear Chris has a huge heart for underprivileged children and has just come back from a trip to Namibia. (See http://www.funnylass.wordpress.com) She mentioned something about autism in one of her recent blogs which pulled my poetry pin out, as I had not so long ago, written a poem on the same subject. For me, it was Carly Fleischmann who had inspired me. (http://www.carlysvoice.com   – see also YouTube)

However, today I was attending week 3 of a fun, cake decorating class which is held up at my daughter’s school. One of the ladies has a daughter in year 6 (approaching 11) who is autistic and what she told me today made me cry. Yes, I know I’m always blubbering, but so will you when you read on.

Despite the many years her daughter has been attending this same school, she has not made one single friend. There are a fair few children with special needs who have passed through and at present there are about 4 other children who currently attend. But nobody want to play with her and nobody cares. On top of this, last week her precious little girl was hit in the face by a boy and her mother told me today that she regularly gets called names. I have met this girl. She is lovely.

Her mother said, “Nobody wants to play with her because she is different.” Thankfully, there is a high school that appears to cater for special needs quite well, so the mother is looking forward to her child moving onto that one in September.

So, I am inspired to continue to write on behalf of these precious, special children who only ask for acceptance, love and respect for who they are.

Take Me As I Am

Being Autistic means I am different.
I know that I act very strange.
The things I do may scare you,
But this is something I cannot change.

I am wired a different way from you,
My brain makes me act a bit odd.
If you don’t like what you see,
Don’t blame me, take your questions to God.

Public places often overwhelm me,
I feel anxious as my head pounds,
So I make loud, crazy noises,
To drown out all external sounds.

Everything gets mingled together,
A footstep sounds like an army.
My ears amplify all noises,
So rain sounds like a Tsunami.

I cannot look anyone in the eye,
People can be frightening creatures.
When I stare at somebody’s face,
I’m engulfed by a thousand features.

Because I do not know how to talk,
Sometimes swallowing is quite hard,
So saliva builds up in my mouth,
Making me spit – so be on your guard.

My Autism is very severe,
So when someone makes a request,
I may sit motionless for hours,
I’m not stubborn, I’m trying my best.

I cannot move from one thing to the other,
Until my body tells me to go.
I want to be obedient,
But I’m trapped in a mind that says, ‘no.’

Please will you take me as I am?
When I cover my ears and scream,
It’s a sign that I cannot cope,
And I’m gathering my brain’s defence team.

Please will you take me as I am,
If I throw my limbs up in the air,
If I shake my head quite wildly,
And throw myself onto the chair?

Sometimes, my skin feels so horrible,
And I cannot express the pain.
It feels like something’s chewing my flesh,
I’m so sorry I cannot explain.

Please will you take me as I am?
Don’t judge me and please don’t presume,
That is okay to talk about me
Like I’m stupid or not in the room