There’s nothing worse than guilt, especially when you feel its too late to put things right. The divorce has been finalised. The person is dead. The child has grown up and left home.

How God grieves with us when we grieve. He is not dishing out the blame, but stretching his arms out to you with forgiveness. He also wants to give you a new heart. Regret is haunting, but even if the relationship has died, he can give you another chance.

I think of the parent who failed their child and who now, would do anything to turn the clock back and have them in the house as a toddler again. Whatever is gnawing at your soul in the form of grief, this is for you:


It’s Not Too Late

We confronted you today.
You went hot as both cheeks blushed.
What you did was mighty shocking,
And five young lives were crushed

Neighbours said, “It’s a little too late.
Your children will not love you now.
You promised to be a good mother,
But broke your maternal vow.

“How could you reject your offspring?
How could you just get up and leave?”
It’s true, you made us despondent,
And the memory still makes us grieve.

As you tried to make things better,
Our grown-up eyes watched, bemused.
Your efforts were so pitiful,
Our hearts still wounded and bruised.

At first, we thought of revenge,
By keeping the grandchildren away,
But that would cause more destruction,
And we would regret that someday.

There’s something that we have noticed,
A pattern that we have observed,
That grace is so amazing,
For it’s giving what is not deserved.

And when that grace is given,
By those who have dished out the blame,
It frees the guilty to hope again,
And rids tormented minds of shame.

So we offer you forgiveness,
We offer you a fresh start.
My brothers and I will love you,
For we see the regret in your heart