Imagine the events of Jesus’ resurrection happening in our time.

Moving stones and creaky bones

As soon as he took his last breath on the cross, God performed mighty miracles than hadn’t been witnessed since time began. The thick temple veil that separated ordinary civilians from entering the Holy of Holies was torn from top to bottom and a terrible earthquake threw people off their feet. But that was nothing compared to what was stirring in the graveyards. All tombs were supernaturally emptied and the bodies of dead friends & family were seen roaming the streets. Old enemies would have been amongst the once deceased too, which must have frightened the wits out of all who had been secretly relieved of their passing. Now they were doing a different kind of passing. Passing by. I wonder if they waved and said hello? Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is a comedy for babies compared to this.

Why did it happen? Well for a start, King Jesus had just proven to his arch enemy the devil, that he had power over death. Infact he has power over everything because he snatched the keys from Satan’s hand and opened the door to life, salvation, healing, deliverance peace and joy.

Who’s the daddy?
The Bible says, “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid (reverence) of the One who can destroy both soul and body in Hell. (Matthew10:28)

He Took The Keys

He went deep into the prison,
The core of Satan’s lair.
Standing in the stinking Hell,
With all the demons there.
Each demonic creature
Looked to their master for a cue,
But Satan stood there petrified,
Not knowing what to do.
Jesus was alive,
And they all could feel his power.
After three days of laughter,
The atmosphere, now sour.
Jesus died on the cross,
So what was he doing here…
Standing tall in victory,
Filling them all with fear?
He said, “I have won the battle,
And I’ve come to crush your head.
You thought you’d got rid of me,
But I’m no longer dead.
I’ve risen to life for evermore,
There’s power in my breath,
I’ve conquered sin forever,
And suffering, pain and death.”
He then snatched the keys from Satan’s hand,
As he cowered on the ground.
This evil one defeated,
Dared not make a sound.
He had spent three days mocking,
There was boasting and so much pride.
But now seeing the Holy Son of God,
Made him tremble and want to hide.

He had revelled at the volume
Of blood that Jesus shed,
But the power in that same blood,
Rose his body from the dead.
Jesus said, “The keys to sin and death,
Are now held in my hand,
You have no hold upon the world,
You no longer stand.
The blood that poured out of me,
Now has power to set souls free,
The cross I was nailed to,
Now a symbol of victory.

The lonely can now smile,
Their heartache’s at an end.
For now they have a Saviour,
A dependable best friend.
A secret place to go,
To receive joy and peace,
Comfort in the hard times,
Love that will never cease.
The hopeless who close their eyes,
Wishing the day to be their last,
Will find strength to face tomorrow,
And forgiveness from the past.
The sad will have much joy,
And there’s courage for the fearful.
All the wounded in spirit,
Will be no longer tearful.
But tears of joy will flow
From sinners who look to me,
Believing I’m the Son of God
Who died to set them free.
Turning from their past,
And living out their days
Talking to God in my name
And doing what he says.”

As the ground shook beneath them,
Jesus left with the keys.
It went darker than the darkest night,
As they all fell to their knees.
Their master was defeated,
Jesus was the King.
And while the demons wailed in agony,
You could hear the angels sing.

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