It’s my birthday today!

I try not to be whimsical, but every now and then my sanguine side hones in on a hobby or something new and exciting that I’m going to do ‘forever’.

I discovered the Juicing Lady (Cherie Calbom, MS) recently, so feeling like I had missed out on years of her advice, I promptly began buying vegetables of all kinds and forcing them to liquidise in our blender. I say, ‘blender’, but it’s more of a smoothie maker. My good friend Rokhsana cajoled me out of being a market snob and took me on a trip to the Monday stalls, where I was greeted with piles of produce that I hadn’t eaten for years.

Raw beetroot was on my mind, together with radishes and leafy green spinach. Being a ‘sweet-tooth’, I wasn’t sure if my taste buds would approve, but to my delight, I have loved every single glass of runny good-for-you stuff that I have made.



But, my poor blender couldn’t keep up with the amount of spinning and crushing it was asked to do and one day when I put a glass of frothy niceness to my lips, I discovered that it was warm. There was a plastic smell in my nostrils and I had visions of smoke and bang sounds, should I dare to press the ‘on’ switch again.

So, with my birthday looming, I decided to be shrewd and ask members of the family to club together and buy me a decent juicer. Instead of chopping up hard veg, I would be able to be smug like Cherie and just pop a whole cucumber & carrot into the top of the device and watch it come out the other end as a flavoursome drink.

So this morning, Rokhsana and I traisped back to the market so I could continue doing the thing I had been deprived of since ditching the machine with the scary-hot blade. It had been 4 weeks since my very warm juice, so I was planning to go crazy at the vegetable stall. I purchased 5 large balls of beetroot, a large bag of carrots, ginger, radishes, cucumber and a bunch of spinach that had already been attacked by a caterpillar. (That’s what comes of not choosing items yourself – the spinach was too far to reach)

Later in the day, there was a knock at the door. My younger sister Michelle walked in proudly, holding a large basket laden with items a that a greengrocer would be proud of. ” I know that fruit and veg is expensive, so I though I’d get you a load for your birthday!”

It was very good of her to encourage me in my new whim, but now I have so much stuff that I could open up a shop myself. For a split second, Ebay crossed my mind, but I don’t have any Jiffy bags.



Later on this afternoon, my wonderful husband, Anwar arrived home early from work and presented me with a bottle of ginger wine, two strawberry tarts and the thing I love most – flowers!


So I am feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful bunch of family and friends and a mass of consumables to put into my mouth that is going to make me more healthy. However, another dear friend, Dawn,  also gave me a lovely gift – a large box of chocolates. This leaves me with the dilemma of what to munch on first. This…






The juicing can wait till tomorrow. Right now, I don’t need vitamins. I need calories.


God bit

I am so grateful for the abundance of food we are blessed with in this country, and at least half of it comes from other nations who do not have such a plentiful supply. I thank God for the farmer who painstakingly plants his seeds and harvests them using tools that we in the UK now store in museums. The money he gets for his produce is probably less than the total of my basket. As for the chocolate, well I shall leave the cocoa issue for my more politically-minded friends to blog about, but I do think about this a lot as I’m happily stuffing my face.