Welcome to my collection of reflections and musing


People crave encouragement. They don’t want to hear rant after rant about all that’s wrong with the world.

We desire the type of affirmation that, despite our faults, tells us we’re doing okay and hey, forget about trying to be like Mr. Perfect next door.

But, have you ever gone into a store that says it’s closing down and after you’ve spent your money on that item you didn’t really need, they re-open the following month? Apparently the Managing Director’s miraculously found some more cash?

Nobody likes to be lied to,

so if there is something I believe people need warning about, I’d rather say so. It’s done out of concern and knowing that God cares for you far more than I do. I mean, I have no idea of your weaknesses but he sees all your faults and still loves you!

But that doesn’t mean that I’m always right.

That’s why I like to laugh at myself – it reminds me that I have no authority to mock or criticise anyone else for their beliefs and habits.

(Link: I agree with Mark Hall & Matt West on my page entitled A Touch Of Perfection)

So you’ll find many blogs on here detailing the silly things I’ve done.

I particularly have a heart for children, for those who are depressed, the lonely and the underdog who feels very ordinary.

If you have no special talents or accomplishments to boast about then this site is for you,

because we can crawl together while the runners and sprinters dash past with their trophies in hand.

Besides, God’s view of success is so much different from ours and I’d like to encourage you in that truth if you read nothing else on my pages.

I write about issues that I am passionate about and I’m not afraid to tackle taboo topics and difficult subjects if I feel someone could gain encouragement from it. But I write from God’s heart of compassion, not the judgement of the **Pharisees.

So stop a while and cheer yourself up knowing there’s someone dafter than you out there and that there’s someone up there who loves you very much.

Thank you for stopping by!



The religious leaders who arranged for Jesus to be murdered. They harshly judged the common people and forced them to keep laws that they themselves could not keep. They were arrogant, proud and totally ungracious. They mistakenly thought they were godly and better than everyone else but actually rejected God by rejecting Jesus who God sent to save them from their godless ways.

Link: Here’s a shortcut to some of my blogs and topics

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37 thoughts on “Welcome to my collection of reflections and musing

  1. Stupid? No. Beautiful; open hearted; generous of spirit; loving; caring; true … oh, and so many more things which I’m just not eloquent enough to put into words – but I feel them. I truly feel them, Sharon.

    You are a beautiful soul in a human body. Lent to the world for a time for reasons that only The Lord knows. But personally, I’m thankful to Him for bringing you into my world. I love you being there.

    Bless you, and your beautiful soul. ~ me. x

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  2. Thanks for making yourself known to me. I enjoy reading your musings and they are very insightful. One Sufi mystic said to me that sometimes “God just shows up”, and He sure has in this intersection of blogs. Thanks and blessings!


    • Hi Sharon thank you for sharing your web site really enjoyed reading your blogs and was touched by your heart.
      I have a heart to to touch the heart of others with Jesus to help them make a difference in this life.
      I came to your site as I watched Rob Joys testimony yesterday on Revelation TV and it truly impacted me.
      Do you know what he is doing now I couldn’t find his web site.
      Thank you for sharing your words.
      Blessings Alex xx


      • Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by. I am pleased you found the testimony encouraging and I wish you well in your endeavours to spread the good news.

        In reply to your question, no I do not know where Rob is at present, but I’m sure wherever he is, he’s doing fine. Many blessings.


    • Hi Cat,
      So lovely to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by.I am really enjoying reading all your articles – thank you for taking the time to pen them. It means a lot to me to see how you are able to talk to us and show your vulnerable side. We all need each other, whether we admit it or not. Please stop by often and comment on what you like – whether you agree or not. It doesn’t matter if people have different views from me. I’ve got to go now and do the school run. God bless xx

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    • Thanks Cobs. I’ve got 3 blogs lined up that I need to complete first ( ocd thing – they have to be done in the order in my head)

      …then I’ll give it a shot. So it may be months coz I’m very busy, but I’ll get round to it eventually.

      At the moment, I’m enjoying sitting back and reading hundreds of other blogs and some of them are so emotional that it takes time to digest them and reflect.

      I’m happy you had the chance to think over your questions and supply us with interesting answers.

      I will pop over the Hannah’s site sometime too.

      Hugs, glue ‘n tons o’ glitter xx


      • Ohh bless your heart. Please know that you absolutely don’t have to do the required ‘rules’ for accepting the award. No one is ever put under any pressure to accept. So please don’t fret about it Sharon. I know how busy you must be with your job, your family, your church and…oh a long list of things which probably none of us here in blog-land know nothing about. (I also know that keeping up with the following of other blogs takes up chunks of time to …. and I won’t mention my personal time gobbler that is Pinterest! lol).

        Please don’t take on anything which adds to you busy’ness’. Just know that I felt you worthy of being nominated.
        Have a truly blessed rest of you day ~ Cobs. x


  3. Hello.
    I just thought I’d give you a shout since we haven’t heard from you in a while. I know that you’ve probably been busy with your daughter being off school during the Summer Break, but thought I’d pop by and say a cheery hello.
    Hope all is tickety boo in Sharon Land.
    Regards ~ Cobs.


  4. Thank you for the follow. I’m especially glad because now that I’ve found your site, I can follow you, too, and from the words above, you have a joyful walk with the Lord and loving grace for the people He puts into your path. Can’t wait to read more – and for today, blessings!

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